Lana Bullough

Lana Bullough

Calgary, Canada
(403) 630-6134
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Lana is an award winning speaker, trainer, educator and founder of her company You Unlimited. Her goal is to help YOU and your employees live a life of purpose, pride and passion; managing stress and being aware of your innate life compass.  

Lana delivers to her audience a unique combination of leadership and management experience . With her career and employment counselling background, Lana has developed and implemented numerous successful educational programs at the corporate, college and high school levels. Her 17 year's experience in the post-secondary education environment as a department leader, member of the Board of Governors, College Recruiter and Marketer has provided Lana knowledgeable insight on Canadian as well as American colleges. 

Speaker Topics:

Creating the Ties That Bind: Nurturing a Caring Workplace 

"No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care". Theodore Roosevelt 

Our work world is filled with people holding different values, attitudes and feelings about everything!  As leaders, we often deal with incidences and disagreements after the fact rather than attempting to foster a climate of forgiveness and flexibility that assists in building positive relationships. YOU are the organization - YOU are the role model - YOU have the power to drive positive change!  By modeling the change you want to see, be prepared to watch your employees rise to the top!

This workshop/keynote will focus on how we can create a more flexible, caring and forgiving and thus productive workplace by focusing on the power of positive communication, being resilient to change and negative events, and taking concrete actions to appreciate the uniqueness of each individual in the workplace. 

Realistic Remidies for Resilience:

Does life seem overwhelming, stressful and spinning out of control?  Do you compare your life to swimming upstream against the current – feeling like you’re about to drown in life’s daily deadlines and commitments? 

Let Lana show you how you how to "practice safe stress" through informative and highly interactive workshops that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to change your life. Lana's keynotes and workshops typically include the following objectives: 

  • To define stress and discover our individual and unique responses to stress (mental, physical, behavioural)
  •   Identify our personal stressors (anticipatory, situational, chronic, residual)
  •  Understand the impact of stress and the importance of managing it
  •  Raise awareness of our emotional and mental responses to stress and the role this plays in determining our level of stress (we have a choice!!)
  •  Demonstrate, through audience participation, the immediate positive effects of stress relaxation exercises
  • Leave with three realistic, actionable tools in how to tackle stress (immediate and over the long run)


Taking Charge of Change:

  • Are your managers and staff struggling with the continuous changes they face at work?
  • Is morale and quality of work life suffering because of our ever-changing workplace?
  • Do you want staff to feel engaged and empowered?

This workshop/keynote on change will assist in understanding the change process and how we can take control of change rather than change controlling our responses.We will examine:

  • The Transition Experience: Understanding the good, the bad and the ugly about change
  • Appreciating the power of the transition experience (dealing with stress/personal resiliency)
  • Reframing our view of change to empower, engage and take control!

The New Retirement:  Creating and Living a Purposeful Life

We’re living longer than any generation before us.  In fact, it is entirely possible that the average person in Canada will spend up to one third of their lives in retirement!

The majority of people spend many days, weeks, and even years preparing financially and physically for their retirement years, but the psychological preparation has generally been over looked.  Psychological (emotional) preparation is key to a happy and fulfilling retirement.  It’s been said that if you’re prepared for retirement emotionally, the physical and financial aspects of retirement will take care of themselves.

The evidence is clear, we must plan for our emotional well-being as we approach retirement.

This workshop will help you gain an understanding of how you can psychologically prepare for this major change in your life by:

  •   Defining the new retirement
  •   Examining the benefits of preparation and planning
  •   Understanding and preparing for the transition experience
  •   Identifying your priorities and values
  •   Exploring meaningful and purposeful activities and interests in your new life
  •   Planning your personal and professional legacy
  • ü Making your own rules: Developing a clear vision of your first important steps



You made great use of humour in your presentation and related it to your own life and the lives of real people. In my opinion, the best teaching and learning is from example. I also believe the best way to evaluate the effectiveness of anything is to write or say words about the experience itself. Hence this testimonial of your work. Thanks so much!"
Sally-Ann King
Instructor, Transitional Program
Keyano College, Fort McMurray

Excellent and a talent for "stand-up" comedy (nice to be talented); Great Speaker; Great Presentation; Very dynamic; Great Presenter; Great resources for future use; Fun, enthusiastic speaker; Good use of limited time we had; Fantastic; Terrific!; Thought provoking; Engaging presenter; Short and to the point; Great energy and relevance; Excellent information and interesting; Lots of Energy! "Best regards,
Vicky Robert, Program Director,
Career Women Interaction 

Associations / Memberships

Communications Chair, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Calgary

Member and Past President, Alberta Reacreational Choir Society of Calgary

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