Dr. Mylene Hopf

Dr. Mylene Hopf

Calgary, Canada
(403) 818-5840
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Speaker Bio

Dr. Mylène Hopf is passionate about helping you with your position in the world, literally.  As an upper cervical chiropractor, her day job involves fixing her patient's posture! The desire to help you make your body a better place to live is what drove Mylène to pursue optimizing health as a career. She regularly presents on her areas of expertise which include proper posture and injury prevention.  Health is about more than the absence of symptoms and Mylène also presents how stress management, nutrition, digestion, and heart health can be influenced by your posture.  Dr. Hopf believes that life shouldn’t hurt and neither should you! Let her help you explore ways to create individualized wellness strategies that will help you age gracefully. 

Speaker Topics

Creating long-term health solutions.

Topics can include:

  • injury prevention
  • stress management
  • easy tips for a healthier brain
  • nutrition
  • fitness: Fun ways to sneak fitness into the workplace
  • posture 
  • how to feel good and age gracefully

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