Annette Stanwick

Annette Stanwick

Calgary, Canada
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Keynotes, seminars, workshops & coaching . Presentations are tailored to the organization's needs, time limitations and theme.
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From Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Target Audience
Women's Groups, Professional Associations, Universities, The Workplace, Business Organizations, Non-profit Organizations, Schools, Churches, Faith Groups and Prison Inmates.

Annette Stanwick is sought after as an International Speaker, Award-winning Author and Global Freedom Facilitator with decades of experience as a Health Care Executive and a degree in nursing.

As a former memeber of the Chamber Mental Wellness in the Workplace Committee, she recognizes the value of relationships and mental and emotinal wellness in the workplace, and has a clear understanding of how emotional issues impact productivity, team cohesiveness and the bottom line.

Seeing lives changed and individuals liberated from their painful experiences brings joy to Annette as she shares real-life stories, valuable insights, life-altering strategies and the keys to personal freedom regardless of life's circumstances.

Numerous difficult life experiences, forgiveness of her brother’s murderers along with a rich professional background provide a valuable backdrop of understanding, empathy and strategies for the situations her audiences face in the workplace, community or in their own homes and hearts. 

Individuals are changed by her dynamic, transformational heart to heart messages that inspire and empower audiences to: 

  •  Face their issues
  •   Make positive choices
  •   Overcome their fears
  •   Let go of painful experiences
  •  Forgive themselves and others

Her customized messages and sense of humor captivate diverse audiences of women, university students, corporations, professional associations, captivate diverse audiences of women, university students, corporations, professional associations, business leaders, the workplace, health care professionals, entrepreneurs, teenagers, churches and prison inmates.

Her most requested programs include:


·      “BE ALL YOU CAN BE”



The Women’s Information Network hosts her show "FORGIVE-LET GO- LIVE FREE!"and Maranatha News publishes her column "FORGIVENESS HEALS"

As a result of her expertise, inspirational messages and award-winning and best-selling book, FORGIVENESS: THE MYSTERY AND MIRACLE, Annette has made numerous television appearances, media interviews and on-line shows. She is a member of the Canadian Associatin of Professional Speakers and certified as a Corporate Speaker. She has been nominated for numerous awards, is a recipient of Rotary International's Integrity Award presented for Personal and Professional Excellence and was recently recognized as a member of Cambridge Who's Who. 

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