Tina B Olivero

Tina B Olivero

Holyrood, Canada
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Addictions, Alternative Health, Brain and Body, Business and Management Training, Change, Coaching, Communications, Employee Retention, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics/Spiritual Development, Healing, Health and Wellness, Holistic Health, Image, Innovation, Intuition, Leadership, Lifestyle, Longevity, Mental Health, Motivation, Organizational Development, Personal Change, Psychology, Sales/Marketing, Safety, Social Change, Social Media Education, Stress, Success, Teamwork, Technology, Vision/Strategic Planning, Wellness, Women/ Men, Multigenerational Workplace

Tina Olivero is the founder of The Oil and Gas Magazine (TheOGM). www.TheOGM.com

A true visionary she started The OGM 6 years before there was a drop of oil in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  With an entrepreneurial sprit she grew and expanded the publication to be one of Canada’s leading energy magazines.  As well The OGM online assets have set the stage for mixing Energy and Culture such that theogm.com is one of the leading energy online publications in the world.

With success in the business world and a passion for personal develoment, Tina Olivero became a motivational speaker on topics of personal and professional mastery, corporate culture, organizational integrity, corporate communications, peak performance and experience architecture.  

Author and Speaker, Tina Olivero has traveled the world executing seminars and keynote addresses to industry leaders and business professionals who are committed to personal and professional mastery and those sparked by sustainable missions.

Today you will find Ms. Olivero planting seeds of corporate wisdom that fundamentally have individuals take a leadership role in their own work lives.  She teaches and speaks on the following topics that will create long term sustainable results such as:
Creating the Mission
Corporate Culture
Powerful Performance
Increased Vision and Idea Generation
Heightened Levels of Responsibility
Extraordinary Communication
Reducing Stress and Creating Balance and Harmony at work
Accountability, Authenticity and Integrity

Working with Tina Olivero is your opportunity to create new outcomes for the future.  It is the foundation for powerful, long-term, sustainable results.  It's always a profound and thought provoking experience.

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