Elizabeth Anderson, BCC

Elizabeth Anderson, BCC

Calgary, Canada
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Event Types
Conferences,professional development training,lunch and learn,keynote address
Speaking Topics
Mental Health, Motivation, Social Change, Wellness
$2500+ expenses (special circumstances considered)
Target Audience
Medical professionals, students, people with mental illness and their loved ones,general public

Elizabeth Anderson - International Speaker

Delivering the message that people can recover from a mental illness is Elizabeth Anderson's life's work.Since 1995, she has impacted more than 1000 audiences with her story from illness to recovery to victory.

Early successes in her recovery include being a part of the World Psychiatric Association's 1998 Anti-Stigma Campaign as a workshop speaker in Hamburg,Germany and one of the collaborators and original cast members of Starry Starry Night through the Partnership Program, Schizophrenia Society of Alberta,Calgary Branch.

After earning a Bachelor of Communication and Culture (University of Calgary), she decided to follow her dream of being an authour. In 2012, she published her book Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness). The book is required reading at three universities in Alberta.

Elizabeth is the recipient of the True Grit Award, Lt. Governor's Circle on Mental Health (2013).She is an international speaker,having the honor of doing the plenary keynote at The Forum for Behavioural Science in Family Medicine in September 2014. Elizabeth is an example of someone living with a diagnosis of schizophrenia who is resilient. Elizabeth knows that being mentally healthy is a journey, a journey she is eager to share with those searching for a new paradigm for mental illness.



Being Mentally Healthy is Elizabeth's story about the events leading up the diagnosis and the  ongoing recovery process. Easily focused and tailored to your event, this presentation can be timed to suit your needs and can be combined with "Seven Things" below.


A seven ingredient "recipe for success" for overcoming a mental illness or any other chronic condition.The six ingredients are the same as  outlined in Elizabeth's book Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness) with the seventh ingredient revealed at the event.

WORDS HAVE POWER (Signature Speech)

Elizabeth's  story of victory in a creative format.Words have an impact on our lives and she reflects on their power on her journey through schizophrenia.This piece will inspire hope and impart knowledge about what the illness is and the impact it has on one's life.


This talk is for medical professionals. Elizabeth shares how to understand the illness experience from the patient perspective. The recipe includes 9 ingredients for connecting more meaningfully with patients that can increase awareness and empathy, making great clinicans even better.

THREE CHRISTMAS ANGELS(seasonal message)

Angels who can help you manage the stress of Christmas instead of  Christmas managing you!



What a phenomenal presentation Elizabeth gave to our attendees-so powerful and courageous.It is rare to see a speaker so profoundly change the thinking of so many professionals and connect with their compassion and understanding. Elizabeth was so poised, organized and confident.'I do not recall at a plenary at The Forum (or for that matter anyplace else)in which for 45 minutes you could hear a pin drop followed by a spontaneous explosion of applause and a standing ovation. It was a moment I will not forget....I am so pleased The Forum provided a platform for Elizabeth to project her message of resilience and recovery.

Dr. Dennis Butler,Unviersity of Wisconcin,organizer for the Forum for Behavioural Science in Family Medicine for over 10 years

Thank you so much for this presentation! It gave me so much insight into what the illness is, and how I can help people with this illness in my future career as a nurse. Elizabeth is such an inspiring woman. I am so grateful to have heard her story.- unviersity student

Not just people with mental illness and their families, but everyone should learn about promoting a more inclusive society. Elizabeth Anderson's book Being Mentally Healthy (in spite of a mental illness) is more than one person's account, but a recognition of the fundamental committment to each other neccessary for everyone's health and wellbeing.

-Sonya Jakubec, Associate Professor, Mount Royal Unviersity

 Elizabeth Anderson is extraordinary; a person who has walked through the deepest darkest despair, terror  and confusion to emerge with a gracious humility, a delightful playfulness, and a message of hope we all need to hear.

-Fiona Haynes,former Provincial Partnership Education Program Manager,Schizophrenia Society

"Powerful presentation.Challenged me to rethink my interactions with some of my patients"

FMF attendee



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