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Tom H Grbich

Calgary, Canada
(403) 615 9801
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Business and Management Training, Coaching, Organizational Development, Seminars, Conventions, etc.
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Alternative Health, Business and Management Training, Change, Coaching, Conflict, Employee Retention, Ethics/Spiritual Development, Goal Setting, Healing, Health and Wellness, Holistic Health, Intuition, Leadership, Life Planning, Motivation, Negotiation, Organizational Development, Personal Change, Sales/Marketing, Stress, Success, Teamwork, Vision/Strategic Planning, Wellness, Facilitation
Senior management in several Multi National companies, CEO two personal companies, speaking engagements NZ, Australia, Canada & US. 20 years improving performance of businesses of all sizes.
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Willing to travel globally
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www.leadingforsuccess.co www.tomgrbich.com
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Conferences, Conventions, Workshops, Leaders, teams, individuals - people and companies wanting to be the best.

One of the competitors or…

In this competitive world you can choose to be one of the competitors or… you can BE THE COMPETITION. If you are just “one of the competitors” – how do customers choose YOU (and why would they?).

Tom Grbich is most certainly not “one of the competitors” and his favourite thing is to work with those people and organisations who are also committed to being the competition! He is available as a speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant.

Achievements - Tom’s achievements include:

  • Becoming a military marksman
  • Competing unbeaten in 50 full contact competitions in the martial arts throughout Asia
  •  Graded as a 2nd degree Master in the Chinese martial arts
  • Teaching combat techniques to members of the Police and the SAS in New Zealand
  • Achieving unprecedented revenue increases for his clients both in NZ and Canada
  •  Starting two successful companies of his own in NZ – (one bought out by Honeywell, the other now in the top three security companies in NZ)
  •  Moving to Canada in May 2000 to start life from scratch (all assets left in NZ), and being debt free by 2010
  • Rated in the top 20% of Leaders in the world by the Kouzes and Posner “Leadership Inventory)
  • Given a maximum of 7 days to live in December 2005, Tom was out of hospital in 5 (days) – using a healing technique from his martial arts training
  • Author of “The WOW of HOW” 2008
  • Entered in the Stanfords “Who’s Who” of Canada in 2011, and
  • One of the top talk show hosts of Voice America within three months (2011)

Most popular seminars - Business

  • Attitude - Your attitude impacts on you, and everyone around you. It can make you or cripple you - you choose.
  • Dealing with Ego - learning to recognize, understand, and deal with the most destructive element on the planet.
  •  Dealing with stress/conflict - isn't it funny/ironic that there are more than a million courses "out there" purporting to teach you how to “manage” stress. Isn't that a little like "managing your illness?" Which would you prefer - to straight out deal with it and get it over and done with, or prolong it indefinitely by "managing" it?
  • Enthusiasm - Discover what enthusiasm means to you, and how to have as much of it as you want - as much of the time as you want
  • M.O.R.E.Personality Styles - Learn the importance of understanding personality styles in life and communication, and how to identify personalities without having to put someone through a questionnaire
  • Relational Leadership – exploring the concept that without a relationship, there can be no true leadership
  • Staying Alive - There are many things that can keep you from harm and/or provide you with the real ability to protect yourself and to avoid situations, without doing a specific martial art or self-defence course.
  • Team Building - exploring the nature and power of true teams and the fact that even many of the world’s top coaches, don’t seem to truly understand teams.
  • What makes a champion salesperson – self explanatory

 Most popular seminars - Personal

  • EFT – a simple yet incredibly powerful technique for dealing with trauma and blockages (things standing in the way of you being the best that you can be).
  • Live the life YOU Want - Beginning with the question "Why is it that so few people even get close to living the life THEY want?"
  • M.O.R.E.Personality Styles - Learn the importance of understanding personality styles in life and communication, and how to identify personalities without having to put someone through a questionnaire
  • Staying Alive - There are many things that can keep you from harm and/or provide you with the real ability to protect yourself and to avoid situations, without doing a specific martial art or self-defence course.
  • Understanding needs - Perhaps the most powerful relationship building tool you can assimilate - learning how you can literally choose, reactions or responses from the people around you, at all levels.
  • What is love - how is it that the most beautiful "thing" on this planet is so often the cause of the most crippling pain? We seek it from the time we are born, and many are no closer to finding it at the end of their lives.
  • What it is to be human - Appreciating that we are not alone in experiencing negativity in our lives, and how to overcome it.

 What people say…

“What can you say about Tom…  they broke the mould when they made him.’ Seriously - they broke the mould. Ok, for me, it has been extremely fortunate to have been able to work alongside Tom. From day one (before Tom was here full time) Torn has directly helped me in a position that was new to me. To have Tom directly on hand was incredibly valuable to my learning and growing in to this position. For this, I am extremely grateful

Perhaps the most prominent items that he has led me to see are:

  • The need for clear identification (and acceptance) of roles and responsibilities.
  • The need for process, procedures and organization.
  • The value of personality styles in selling and all communications.
  • The importance of integrity in all that we do. Calum Bonnington -  President “GeoMarine Environmental Consultants Ltd” 

“Tom is a superb human being, manager and leader. His ability to teach others, through example, experience, and education, how to become the best that they could be; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, is extraordinary. It is an honor to know and work with him within our community.”  Rick Hatala , President, “Integrative Energy Ltd”

 “Tom is a gifted individual who helped me immensely early in my sales career with his support, coaching and advice. Tom has a special ability to put you at ease, enabling you and learn.” Craig Allison – UK Marketing Manager – British Telecom

“With Tom, you will not get the conventional, school-manufactured, coaching approach, which sometimes removes our ‘intouchness’ with life-at-large. His is a distinctly grounded and unique method that allows you to appreciate who you are, identify the self-imposed obstacles you can dissolve, and with growing your own confidence, move forward into action. Intuitive, sincere, and with great integrity, he appreciates what it takes and what you're likely going through. From his experience of having led an uncommon life, you can expect to engage with him in a very compassionate and practical way to address underlying core issues, some of which may be hidden, such as they were in my case. As a result, the incredible value gained living daily with new awareness, and accrued over time, far exceeds the initial investment.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity - Will Black – President “Sources”

Tom was one of the instructors for the Strive Program I attended in 2001. He was the most popular of the instructors, from day one. Tom had people lined up wanting to talk with him at breaks, and after class. The reason for this is because Tom is trustworthy, a clear communicator and openly shared a part of himself with his students. His support is a rare commodity these days. Tom developed excellent rapport us and usually had the best student attendance, because they wanted to be there. That’s the kind of difference Tom makes in people’s lives. I call it charisma and integrity, Tom has both. Judy Olsen

In a one-week personal development / career preparation program entitled STRIVE, offered by Mr. Tom Grbich and colleagues, the course turned out to be just what I needed, instilling the tools that helped me confidently re-enter the workforce.

Tom was the central “force” behind the course. His personal experiences and workplace knowledge helped me both personally and professionally. He is highly qualified to help people in their career planning, goal setting and overcoming personal obstacles, providing the essential information to land the “right” job in today’s competitive work place. Dianne McDougal-Quan

"I have known and worked with Tom on a number of interesting projects. Tom is the kind of person; leader and manager of others that I think companies hope and pray for. No matter how challenging the corporate obstacle he has been ready to roll up his sleeves and get to the heart of any barriers. His genuine passion for greatness not only pertains to the business side of things but also becomes infectious to those around him who want to learn and follow in his unique guided approach to making people want to be the best that they can be and have fun discovering themselves along the way. Tom is personable, funny, right down to earth and the real deal. He's a joy to be around and you can bet his results speak for themselves! I invite any discussions regarding Tom and would not hesitate to highly recommend his expertise as a business consultant, sales expert and outrageously effective mentor.”  Melinda Mezo – President Global Talent

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