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Maureen Towns

Calgary, Canada
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Published in Canadian Nurse "Millennials: The New Normal" - Sept 2013 City of Calgary - September 2013
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I love to travel, and doing so for work is just a bonus.
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Parents, Educators, Health Care Providers

Maureen Towns, RN, BScN, MA is the founder and CEO of Maureen Towns and Associates, based in Calgary, Canada.

With 22 years of experience in Nursing, and 24 years as experience as a parent, Maureen brings HOPE through perspective and experience, to overwhelmed parents of teens who may have drug, alcohol and mental health issues.

When her two oldest children began to use drugs in junior high, she thought it was a phase that would pass. She thought they were experimenting, and they were! Boundaries, some detective work, and consequences would surely see her family through the tough teen years. But it was not enough.

Addiction, drug induced psychosis, hospitalizations, suicide attempts, a formal intervention, self harm, help from both the public and private sector, and LOTS of time and money spent before Maureen and her family found hope.

Maureen has a special place in her heart for parents living in fear. The relentless searching for help; the bargaining; the reasoning; the trial and error approach left her exhausted and feeling hopeless.

“It took 7 years before we finally slept soundly knowing that we had done the right thing; 7 years before we knew that we were not alone, and that we had the resources in place to really make a difference for our kids and for our family”


Author of the upcoming book “Broken Open: a guide to emerging from darkness - Available 2016

We all have transformational life experiences. Parenting teens with mental health and addictions took me from tough, to numb, to crazy, and finally, to a life of hope and faith.

Broken Open is the story of how our darkest days transform into joy, light and purpose. It is the story of an emerging identity of motherhood and self through the experiences of parenting teens with challenges.

There is a crack in everything, it’s how the light gets in – Leonard Cohen


What people are saying....

Maureen took the time to meet with me and get to know me, learned about my values, motivations and how I develop relationships with others. She spent time asking wonderful, meaningful questions to allow me to come to a place where I could make better decisions for myself. Maureen has a keen sense of intuition and the gift of clearly seeing paths of opportunity for people where they may not see them on their own. She is an enthusiastic mentor and uses her keen sense of humour to bring fun and laughter to conversations that could otherwise be very difficult.
– C, Victoria, BC, Canada

I wanted to obtain more clarity and learn how to effectively give the right energy to the important relationships in my life. Maureen taught me how to be supportive without becoming consumed. She is very knowledgeable and was very effective. She is professional, non-biased, an effective communicator and leader and has a warm personality which makes her easy to talk to.

T.L., Calgary, AB, Canada

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