Tonya Jean Lailey

Tonya Jean Lailey

Calgary, Canada
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Event Types
• Team building experiences • Professional education on wine etiquette • Special events with food and wine themes
Speaking Topics
Arts and Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sales/Marketing, Teamwork
• The Canadian Club of Burlington • Calgary Public LibrarIes • The Cookbook Co. Cooks Classes • The Stratford Chef's School
To be determined based on wine selections and time frame.
www.laileyvineyard.com https://twitter.com/laileywinemakr https://twitter.com/laileyt www.slowfoodcalgary.ca
Target Audience
• Corporations seeking team building and educational experiences for their staff • Organizations looking for special event programs • Private clients looking for wine entertainment

Tonya Lailey is a winery owner, sommelier, local-food advocate and writer. Raised on a vineyard, she's got good dirt on vine growing and winemaking. 

As a founding partner of Lailey Vineyard Wines Inc. in Niagara-on-the-Lake (2000) and Origo Wines Ltd. ((2007) in Alberta and B.C. (2013), she also understands the business of wine in Canada.

Tonya loves to cultivate relationships to the land through wine and food tasting experiences. She aims to build confidence in the abilities of her clients to interpret aromas and flavours and to evaluate wines. "Wine is a playground for creativity and can ground us by triggering memory through rich sensory offerings."

Tonya specializes in basic wine education and inspiration for corporate clients. She will cutomize tasting experiences.

Custom winemaking experiences are possible in Niagara and beyond. This could involve developing a wine for your company, with your staff and designing your own label/brand.

Sample presentation topics:

• Have you dreamed of starting a winery?
I will tell my story of the beauty, joy and adversity of winery life in Niagara from inception to ongoing operations. Taste the fruits of this labour with a portfolio tasting of Lailey Vineyard wines.

• Wine Smarts
Learn to separate the good s**t from the bulls**t. Gain confidence in ordering wine at restaurants, in choosing wine for a dinner party, or just plain talking wine, by knowing a few simple rules and developing your own approach to wine appreciation.

• Wine Wonder
Aside from the effects of its alcohol, how can wine inspire creativity and nourish the senses and the soul? I will offer insights and wine tasting toward that answer. 

• Wine Branding
Develop a wine brand, including logo, tasting notes and marketing plan.  Of course, you'll need to develop the wine too, from the vineyard to the bottle, if only in your imaginations. This is a great team building excersise that can - and should! - end in a wine tasting.

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Tonya Lailey has an intimate understanding of how wine is made having been involved with its production since inception at her family’s own winery, Lailey Vineyard, in Canada’s Niagara region.

Lailey speaks eloquently on her topic and is able to help others gain the insight they need to be able to appreciate not only Canada’s wines but wines from the world over. It takes great mastery of a subject to be able to simplify it for everyone else to understand and Lailey has that ability.
Those interested in learning more about wine will savour the bouquet of this speaker’s delivery and enjoy all the notes on her intellectual wine palate.
Karen Anderson
Owner, Calgary Food Tours Inc.
Food Columnist, CBC Radio One’s Alberta at Noon
Credible. Relevant. Memorable. That's what and how Tonya Lailey communicates about wine – and about food in harmony with wine. Her style emulates the poet Walt Whitman when he famously said, "I do not give
lectures or a little charity. When I give, I give myself." Human beings are hard-wired to respond to the human approach; Tonya Lailey's public speaking makes the most of her wry sense of humour, engaging warmth and deep reservoir of knowledge about the terroir of the wine world.
dee Hobsbawn-Smith
Award-winning author, poet, chef and educator


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