Mona Louise Cooley

Mona Louise Cooley

Calgary, Canada
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Speaking Events, Forums, Conferences, Conventions, Not For Profits, Seminars
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Addictions, Children/Parenting, Coaching, Communications, Conflict, Emotional Intelligence, Health and Wellness, Leadership, Mental Health, Personal Change, Teamwork, Wellness, Facilitation, Skills Training
Facilitator and Coach for Families for CMHA Family Peer Support Initiated, developed and implemented CMHA Family Caregiver Program Family and Peer Support Specialist for Pathways to Housing Writer and author
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Target Audience
Families living with mental illness and/or addictions wanting emotional relief and relaxed family environment
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Member with Toastmasters since 1998 and a Distinguished Toastmaster since 2002. Coaching Certificate with Coach U University.

Family and Peer Support Specialist, brings practical tips, wealth of knowledge and resources, quick insight to problems, firm guidance and tools and techniques to guide families living with mental illness to discover solutions. Feeling overwhelmed with emotions to deal with the multiple challenges, her unique methods lessens the loneliness, instills hope, builds confidence and raises your belief what seems impossible is possible to have a more relaxed family environment. Whether speaking, facilitating, or coaching, Mona supports families in identifying, building on and utilizing their unique strengths, abilities and resilience to manage life challenges and improve overall health.

Find out more about her Family Strength Builder Program and cutting edge, accurate program evaluation tool by contacting her at mona.cooley@coolfamilysolutions.com;

phone 403.512.5558;

Website: www.coolfamilysolutions.com.

Speaker Topics

REAL CONVERSTATIONS FOR REAL PEOPLE - this session was presented to the Alberta Municipal Health and Safety Association. The focus was on Mental Health in the workplace.



"Spent time discussing our situation with Mona today and she was brilliant. I really feel she gave me some tools that will keep me focused on what's most important and get me through the very difficult weeks ahead. I'm not sure how this society selects their " people " but Mona has helped me more in 2 brief conversations than anyone I have dealt with thus far." ~ Maxine Thompson

“The tools and techniques taught by Cool Family Solutions have shown me how to engage the help of others. I was overwhelmed with caring for an ailing parent, raising a son going through depression and dealing with suicide attempts by a close friend. I was burnt out mentally, physically and emotionally because I thought I had to “save them all”. Mona’s compassionate, yet firm guidance showed me that I do not have to do this by myself. She reminded me that I am of not help to others if I do not take care of myself. Mona helped me discover ways to ask and accept help from other family members. Without Cool Family Solutions, I would have continued to sink fast." – M Carlson

“I would like to tell you how meaningful your Cool Family Solutions has been to me and my family over the years. We have been dealing with children and grandchildren that have come through hard times, anxiety and depression to name a few, and you have been there to help us help ourselves, which is the only way to feel empowered to get on with it. And through your no nonsense support we have come through every one of the crisis. Thank you." - Karen

“Our time spent with Cool Family Solutions made a big difference in our lives. They provided us with a supportive, non-threatening environment where all family members were equal, then gave us the tools to improve our communication skills with each other. We now enjoy a far more relaxed family dynamic where we are able to discuss issues and offer support where needed. Thank you, thank you!” – Skye

 “Mona is compassionate and shows that she truly cares in the way she deals with people. She offers incredible knowledge, practical tips and support for those dealing with mental illness. Her ability to listen with empathy and her positive encouragement give hope and confidence. Thank you Mona for helping us believe that a happy and fulfilling life are possible” – Christina Kruis

“ Mona had a unique ability and compassionate way of letting you know you’re not alone. It was great to finally meet someone that has struggles with bipolar in her family herself rather than taking a clinical view of the situation. Mona brings a wealth of knowledge and resources on the subject that can guide you and your loved ones through the rough bits.” – Robert Bell

“I have been fortunate enough to have Mona help me through a variety of challenges ranging from personal growth and development to leaving a spouse who was an addict. Through each challenge Mona has provided me with guidance, and tools, to clarify what I want and need and how to effectively communicate this with others. I use the communication skills I have learned while working with Mona on a daily basis in all aspects of my life”- Nova Slauenwhite

“We were fortunate to find Cool Family Solutions when our life had been turned upside down by some serious medical and legal issues our adult son was having. Mona quickly helped my husband and I identify the immediate problem, generate realistic options and get on the same page with our decision-making. Her constant and good-natured support has been invaluable and has literally kept us functioning and moving forward this past year!" - Anonymous   

“I have learned from your workshop how important communication is between the family as a whole. It was such an asset to our family to have all our thoughts brought to the table, as difficult as it was. It is now easier for us since the “wall was broken”. I learned that mental illness is not something to ignore and hide. I learned that it is important to listen. Mona sharing her personal story has helped our family to learn there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We now have some tools to help us in the future.” - Julie Gourdeau

"I am a problem solver and my sense of security comes from being in control of my situation. Yet I cannot control mental illness. That is the core of my frustration.  Mona, through her coaching, brought clarity to the problem and helped me realize that my focus was misplaced. I was trying to “fix” my loved one instead of looking inward on how to change myself. I continue to emotionally mature, by understanding myself a bit better and using that knowledge to adapt and grow. This is the greatest gift Mona has given me." - Rosemarie


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