Russell Stratton

Russell Stratton

Calgary, Canada
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Event Types
Conference key note speaking, panel discussions, facilitation and training programs.
Speaking Topics
Business and Management Training, Change, Coaching, Conflict, Diversity, Education, Employee Retention, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting, Leadership, Motivation, Negotiation, Organizational Development, Success, Teamwork, Vision/Strategic Planning, Multigenerational Workplace, Millennial Generation, Facilitation, Skills Training, Competency, Small Business Development, Engaging New Leaders, Workforce Skills Training, Competency Training
Russell is an accomplished and fully certified management education, learning & development professional with a proven track record over three decades of working with leaders in the private, public and not for profit sectors, from small businesses to large corporations, in both the UK and Canada. Russell was recently a adjunct lecturer at Mount Royal University and has spoken at the University of Alberta.
Travel Info
Within Canada and internationally.
Call to enquire. 100% money back guarantee on speaker fees if not entirely satisfied.
www.bluegem.ca www.russellstratton.ca www.bealeadernotaboss.com www.managingtheunmanageable.ca
Target Audience
Organizations who want to develop leadership capability from the front line to the boardroom.
CE Credits
Certificate in Management program available.

Hire Russell Stratton to Speak at Your Event. 

Russell is a powerful speaker who will engage and capture the attention of your audience through an experiential learning process that challenges their current management style and empowers them to become greater leaders within and for your organization.

Russell’s presentations are designed to ensure that all those in attendance:
1. Learn modern and practical leadership methodologies that will have an immediate impact on their effectiveness as a leader..
2. Stretch their thinking in all areas of leadership and their role withing the organization.
3. Have fun in an entertaining and interactive environment

If you’re looking for a speaker who can entertain your audience and ensure that they walk away educated and motivated to perform at higher levels, call Russell Stratton today!

Learn more about Russell by visiting www.bluegem.ca.

About Russell

Russell is an engaging and innovative Leadership Champion, Certified Trainer, Coach and Speaker with a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management. His engaging presentations help people make the transition into leadership roles by increasing both capability and confidence through experiential and accelerated learning and coaching.Russell2

Working with clients in the private, public and not for profit sectors, from small businesses to large corporations in both the UK and Canada, Russell builds on three decades of experience working with and developing leaders from the front line to the boardroom.

All of Russell's work is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.


"I am very convinced of the power of the format you use as being way higher impact than your standard lecture, exercises, and even role-playing... Kudos on developing a superior offering."

Len Nanjad, COREinternational

"This workshop is a laboratory to experiment with different courses of action... useful for generating interventions, as an intervention itself, and for building common strategic frameworks for movements… The workshop leaders were supportive as they challenged me and the other participants to try out courses of action which could be applicable to our everyday lives. I would highly recommend this workshop to teams and individuals."

David Plouffe, City of Calgary

"I think it was really good for each member of the management team to see the different ways of working in our roles as leaders."

Siksika Medicine Lodge

"I brought Russell in to design and deliver our program for line managers. From the outset Russell impressed me with his professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment, meeting all specified deliverables on time and to a high standard. He is without doubt an outstanding training deliverer, challenging managers to address what can be difficult  issues."

Sharon Gartland, CEO, DSG Associates

"I have worked with Russell on a large leadership development contract for the past three years. Russell brought a wealth of creativity, knowledge and skill to the team. He could be relied upon for high quality design and delivery work. His evaluation feedback from course delegates was always excellent and this contributed to the contract being extended."

Barrie Smale, CEO, I2L

Example Key Notes & Presentations

Giving and receiving feedback that actually sticks
  • What motivates people to improve their performance at work
  • Why giving feedback often doesn’t work
  • How to give feedback that actually sticksRussell3
  • How to make the most of the feedback you receive
The awkward generation? - How to manage Millennials
  • Explore the myth that Millennials are awkward to manage
  • Learn what makes Millennials tick and how to motivate them
  • Discover the secret to managing Millennials successfully
What motivates people to deliver great performance
  • Learn the 5 key reasons that prevent people performing at work. 
  • Understand what motivates people to perform at work.
  • Discover the 6 step process to optimize individual and team performance that any manager can use.

Managing the unmanageable - How to have challenging performance conversations at work

  • Recognize the behaviours of the “unmanageable” and what drives them
  • Learn where many managers go wrong and avoid making the same mistakes
  • Discover the 4 step process for successfully tackling “unmanageable” behaviour in the workplace
Transitioning new leaders - How to avoid the top 5 pitfalls that derail new leaders
  • Learn the top 5 pitfalls that derail new leaders
  • Discover the secret to avoiding these pitfalls
  • Create your own onboarding plan following the four pillars of successful onboarding
So What? – Building a culture of respect in YOUR workplace
  • Explain what respect in the workplace is and what it isn’t
  • Explain how the Culture of Respect model applies to their workplace
  • Demonstrate a proven method for challenging inappropriate behaviour
  • Produce a “team charter” outlining agreed team and individual behaviour expectations
  • Outline the support available to them in the organization including relevant policies
Be a Leader not a Bad Boss 
  • Understand the top 5 pitfalls that derail owners in small businesses when employing staff
  • Discover the 4 step plan to achieve success in only 90 days
  • Learn the secret to EXCITE your team and achieve fast results  



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