Tara Sue Moore

Tara Sue Moore

Cochrane, AB, Canada
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Event Types
Keynotes, Retreats, Workshop Facilitation, In House Training, Lunch n Learns.
Speaking Topics
Brain and Body, Emotional Intelligence, Ethics/Spiritual Development, Financial /Retirement Planning, Health and Wellness, Holistic Health, Intuition, Life Planning, Mental Health, Personal Change, Real Estate/ Investments, Relaxation/Meditation, Stress, Wellness, Wholistic Planning

Tara Sue Moore C.mgt, CFP, CIWM, CIM, FCSI, PFP.

After 19 years as a stockbroker, financial planner, and international wealth manager with a major Canadian investment firm, Tara Sue embarked on a new journey as the owner of Earth Rocks!!, Crystals and Gifts and the Spirit of Oneness Wholistic Teaching Organization. Tara Sue focuses on personal growth and wellness using change management processes and tools that connect the science, secular and the sacred; simplifying connections between the mainstream and the metaphysical world in a grounded, straightforward manner that just makes sense.

A gifted, vibrant, and skilled speaker, teacher, and coach, Tara comes alive when sharing information from her heart. She brings the magic into our everyday lives as she weaves connections to the world around us.  She is authentic and passionate as she openly shares about how different her life is from what she expected it would be. From Stockbroker to Firewalker, Tara Sue connects with a wide variety of age groups and audiences.

On the mainstream side, Tara Sue Moore is a highly educated 20 year veteran of the Canadian Financial Profession, holding 5 professional designations including the CFP and the CIWM. On the personal wellness side, she is a Heartmath Resilience Trainer and Coach, a Reiki Master, a Drum Circle Facilitator, and soon to be a Belief Repatterning Specialist. Moving into the metaphysical, she facilitates “Awakening the Illuminated Heart” (based on Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work’) and Whole Presence Quantum Soul Retrieval. She studies and practices North and South American Indigenous traditions (shamanism), Bodytalk, Acutonics, and Imagery work.

Heartmath Resiliency Training (1-6 hour workshops, delivered over varying time lines)

"Emotional Intelligence" Practices.

While we cannot always easily choose our circumstances, we do have the right to choose how we feel and react to life’s challenges and experiences.

The more time one spends struggling to cope with depleting, draining emotional feelings, the greater the damage to one’s physical, mental and spiritual well being. Humans are creatures of habit and our thoughts and emotions are no different. Heartmath teachings and activities are designed to educate and empower individuals to learn to quickly shift and reset internal patterns, to train one’s bodies to recognize and choose vibrant, healthy renewing mental and emotional outlooks as the normal state. To create a new default emotional baseline.

This workshop teaches skills and provides a roadmap one can use over a lifetime. The tools are simple and effective and efficient to fit into a busy lifestyle. Practicing coherence and resilience building skills leads to many physiological, psychological and relational benefits including:

• Enhancing ability to maintain composure during challenges
• Improving family and social harmony
• Reducing fatigue and exhaustion
• Promoting the body’s natural regenerative processes
• Improving coordination and reaction times
• Enhancing the ability to think clearly and find better solutions
• Improving ability to learn and achieve higher test scores
• Increasing access to intuitive intelligent, your gut feeling

Heartmath is used by professional athletes, first responders, Army and Navy, health care professionals and educators throughout North America. Results are measurable and consistent and the practices are designed to fit into our fast-paced North American lifestyles. Many individuals who do not have time to go to the gym or to meditate, can find time for Heartmath.

Biofeedback technology to measure results is available and for many people has proven to be extremely effective.

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