Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop

Calgary, Canada
403 461 5629
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Speaking Topics
Communications, Networking, Sales/Marketing, Multigenerational Workplace, Marketing, Email Marketing/ Video Marketing
20 Years in Digital Marketing
Willing to wave speaking fees for the right opportunity
Target Audience
Small to mid business owners VP Marketing Digital Students

Peter has been entrenched in the digital world ever since his dad brought home the Apple IIe for the summer holidays in the 1980s. After staring at the black and green screen for two months straight he's never looked back. From animation and illustration to programming and design, there's almost no digital stone that Peter's left unturned. His passion for innovative solutions has won him countless awards both locally and internationally as well as cemented relationships with brands such as British Telecom, Alberta Health Services, Government of Alberta, Time Life Warner and The BBC.

As his career landed him in Calgary, Peter turned his focus to digital marketing. He was hired on as the Digital Creative Director at ZGM (a small local marketing firm) and was quickly made a partner a few years later. Today ZGM is one of the biggest marketing agencies in Alberta and is famous for it's reputation for great work and great culture.  Peter is responsible for direction and quality of the digital experience. It’s his job and his passion to keep up to date on emerging technologies and make decisions on where ZGM is pointed.

Eager to get involved in all aspects of the digital landscape, Peter currently is the President of Digital Alberta. He consults with the local universities on their digital curriculum, mentors students and is a regular judge with various interactive groups including Applied Arts and the Digital Marketing Association.

As for his parents who unintentionally got him into this world, they have no idea what he does for a living these days. They worry that he's involved in porn.

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