Karen Lynn Hope

Karen Lynn Hope

Calgary, Canada
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Event Types
Associations with independent business owners or female only business members. Corporations with independent franchise owners.
Speaking Topics
Change, Coaching, Communications, Emotional Intelligence, Goal Setting, Innovation, Intuition, Lifestyle, Motivation, Negotiation, Networking, Personal Change, Real Estate/ Investments, Sales/Marketing, Success, Marketing, Business Start, Skills Training, Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship
Marketing, Small Business Operations, Communications, Sales Graphic Design, Construction Contracting, Food production & distribution.
Travel Info
Travel fee applies and all travel expenses to be covered.
Fees start at $350 for local one hour talks.
Target Audience
Independent business owners. Startup entrepreneurs.
CE Credits
Bachelor of Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University

When Karen became an entrepreneur in the mid-90’s, she says she felt like a "trail blazer."

"I left the security of a full-time position as the first Eau Claire Market Marketing Director to start The Marketing Edge. The Calgary Herald actually wrote an article called, “Even the boss may help you strike out on your own.” Unlike today’s downturn, it was uncommon to see someone abandon a job for the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.

The world of entreneurship has been good to Karen. The Marketing Edge Ltd. was only the start of her interest in limited companies.  She partnered and pioneered Cattle Boyz Foods Ltd (1998-2009) and Dougco Renovations Ltd (2002+),building their brand and business client base.  In 2014, she struck another new company Hopeco Ltd. to build a high-end duplex with Dougco Renovations.  Today, Hopeco Ltd. owns and manages duplexes valued at $2 million.

Karen uses her diverse background to mentor start up and small-medium sized companies that want to know how to improve their marketing skills and programs.  She is a highly experienced marketing plan writer who can teach or write a plan.  Her background as a marketing director for various Alberta shopping centres helped to perfect her abilities.  In 1995, she won a Gold Award Masters of Marketing Award for the marketing plan she developed and implemented to launch Eau Claire Market in the mid-90's.

A passionate and entertaining speaker, Karen speaks on a variety of topics relative to entrepreneurs and people who have aspirations to be an entrepreneur.  Her mission is to help entrepreneurs learn how to become "marketing savvy business owners" that have more wins than losses.

She offers some pre-prepared topics that are all customizable with examples to a specific industry.  Topics can be delivered within a short speaking slot or expanded to be a seminar, educational talk.


Why Marketing Plans Expediate Business Success – Discuss how the process of writing a marketing plan can expediate business success. 1- hour+
How to Write an Effective Small Business Marketing Plan – Review the steps to write an effective, strategic small business marketing plan. A marketing plan outline (handout) can be distributed to participants and made available as a working online template. 2 hours or 1-2-day workshop
How Savvy Marketers Grow their Business – Reveals the 5 MUST-DO marketing strategies that Karen feels are mandatory to grow a small business on and off line.1 hour+

No Risk, No Rewards - Karen will talk about her own personal risks and the rewards that resulted from her business decisions while also educating about importance of taking "calculated risks" that depend on your core strength.

Karen believes that success comes from one's ability to "visualize goals, objectives and personal dreams."  She has also developed this special visualization workshop for people who want to craft their future.

Cut and Paste your Dreams into Reality – A fun, motivating workshop that reveals how visualization can accomplish personal and business goals. Karen will present her own vision boards and discuss how they have come into fruition for her personally. The workshop includes a discussion, brief meditation and hands on workshop. Participants are required to bring 3 magazines each to contribute to a group collection. Supplies will be provided to create a visualization board featuring personally selected images that represent personal goals. 2-3 hours – available for all ages.

Customized talks are available upon request.

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