Cam Hodgson

Cam Hodgson

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Speaking Topics
Administrative Learning, Business and Management Training, Career, Change, Coaching, Communications, Conflict, Education, Employee Retention, Goal Setting, Innovation, Leadership, Motivation, Organizational Development, Personal Change, Sports, Stress, Success, Teamwork, Vision/Strategic Planning, Multigenerational Workplace, Building Community, Small Business Development, Engaging New Leaders

Cam Hodgson has studied leadership, made a career out of leading people, and authored a book entitled Rise Above: Learning to Lead. He understands that we are all, in some capacity, leaders and as such we are all need to continuously improve to be the best leader we can be.

Cam’s mission is facilitating excellence for the individuals and organizations he works with. All of his work, whether it is a speaking engagement, staff development workshop, or one-on-one meeting, is tailored to the context and needs of the organization or individual he is working with.

Cam spent twenty-five years as a teacher and administrator in the Calgary Board of Education, finishing his career there as the principal of the innovative National Sport School. From there he spent another five years leading change and innovation as the CEO/Superintendent of the Edge School for Athletes Society. His work in these organizations allowed him to put into practice his formal academic studies where he earned a Master’s degree in Leadership, and also allowed him to gain the practical experience of being on the front lines dealing with stakeholders, the public, government agencies, and a vast array of employees. Many lessons have been learned along the way, which facilitated his work as an instructor at the University of Calgary.

For the past few years, Cam has used all of his experiences and learnings in facilitating excellence for the clients of his consulting business, Podium Enterprises. His clients include SAIT, West Island College, Winsport, River Valley School, Elite Dance Academy, Third Academy International, among many others. He also works one-on-one with people who lead organizations and wish to be the best leaders they can be, and other individuals who want to lead their best lives. All of this work in contingent on a commitment to personal excellence.

Speaking topics and workshops include:

  • Rising above
  • Knowing your story
  • Knowing the stories of others
  • Building a culture of excellence
  • Entitlement
  • Defining success
  • Continuous improvement
  • Accountability
  • Understanding your role
  • Dealing with constraints
  • Developing a personal mission and vision
  • The importance of resilience
  • And many more based on your needs
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