Sharon Carne

Sharon Carne

Calgary, Canada
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I believe that every one of us has a significant contribution to share with others during our lifetime. When we are making our contribution, our lives are filled with passion, creativity, inspiration, compassion and wellbeing.

Not only does it create a purposeful life, it creates purposeful work.

Spending a lifetime in music and 20 years in the study and practice of how sound and music supports healing, has provided me with first hand experience of the gifts they provide: connection, community, comfort, inspiration, joy, focus, strength and deep healing.

Over the past 10 years, I have created programs to train holistic practitioners in the power of sound and music to heal and to support their practice. The Sound Wellness Institute offers the first verified competency certification in Canada in integrating sound into their practice.

The Sound Wellness Institute programs have now evolved to serve the challenging needs of an overwhelmed workforce.

The Emergent WorkForce™ program is a unique and powerful multi-modal strategy that teaches your workforce to effectively handle stress to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as improve their performance, creativity and contribution.

The Emergent WorkForce™ program works to:
• restore performance by reducing the impact of stress.
• reclaim the brain, sharpening focus, concentration and creativity.
• enhance the capacity to shift perspectives and manage emotions, essential skills in a cohesive WorkForce.
• provide powerful tools that support the natural healing ability of the body.

The Emergent WorkForce™ program was developed and is delivered by a team of leading edge professionals, dedicated to restoring community, purpose, creative collaboration, kindness and well-being, while supporting the financial goals of your organization.

Your workforce is the heart and soul of your organization. When your workforce thrives, your business thrives.


Workplace Speaker Network

Evolutionary Business Council

Keynote and seminar topics:

Topic 1. Plug In to Your Wiring for Sound: Unique Ways to Enhance Wellbeing and Performance

We live in a high stress world. There is a great deal of research that confirms the detrimental impact high levels of stress have on health, productivity, relationships and more. 

Recently, the Journal of Occupational and Environment Medicine stated that in Canada, the estimated overall costs of stress-related absenteeism was $8-10 billion per year and presenteeism was $36 billion per year. Health Canada states that every $1 invested in stress prevention is worth $3.40 in future savings.

There is also significant research on how effectively specifically designed music or certain sounds can reduce stress, enhance focus, boost the immune system, spark creativity, create relaxation, induce sleep and more.

In this session explore and evaluate how you respond to a variety of sounds.

•  We will explore music specifically engineered for relaxation and performance.

• Hands on play will include exercises with the perfect fifth tuning forks. Studies conducted by Dr. John Beaulieu, ND and music therapist and Dr. George Stefano, neuroscientist, showed that these forks consistently stimulated the Nitric Oxide cycle in live cells and human subjects in less than 30 seconds. This natural cellular cycle is essential to health and wellbeing.

• We will also explore a few simple ways your own voice can be used to stimulate relaxation, create focus and even manage pain.

Plugging in to your natural wiring for sound offers effective and unique ways to enhance wellbeing and performance. 

Topic 2. Sound @ Work

Numerous studies on productivity in the workplace have found that a noisy workplace can result in up to a 60% loss in productivity. In addition, noise contributes to absenteeism, presenteeism, mistakes and irritability. In this session, participants will compare the sounds of different work environments with several sound and music solutions and discover ways of creating a work environment conducive to productivity, creativity and harmony.

Neuroscience has shown that individuals respond very subjectively to sound and music. Many of us use music to change our mood. It is not yet common knowledge that music creates specific physiological responses in the body and mind. Certain kinds of music can improve focus and concentration, connect and synchronize hemispheres of the brain enhancing creativity, boost the immune system, and effortlessly create the relaxation response in the body.

Participants will

• experience how sound creates physiological response in the body and mind.

• experience different work sound environments.

• experience several sound and music solutions that have been created to enhance productivity.

• evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions through their own experience and through discussion in small groups.  













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