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Ian Hope

St. Albert, Canada
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Business and Management Training, Career, Coaching, Communications, Conflict, Diversity, Employee Retention, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Organizational Development, Teamwork, Skills Training, Engaging New Leaders, Workforce Skills Training, Competency Training
18 Years experience as a trainer, speaker and leadership faciitator
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Can travel anywhere, given reasonable notice
Fees in the Edmonton area start at $750 for a one hour presentation or coaching session, and as low as $1500 for two hours of training or facilitation. Travel is at cost. Fees for presentations at other locations will be quoted on request.
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Professionals Business Owners Administrators Clerical and support staff Customers and stakeholders Volunteers Students

What does one look for in a memorable workplace development and people skills speaker?

A partial list would include the following attributes: knowledgeable and competent; providing new ideas and insights; challenging listeners to open their minds and raise their skill levels; having a great voice, energy and dynamic body language will also be important in engaging the audience and holding them at the intellectual and also emotional levels; the descriptors ‘entertaining’ and ‘humorous’ even fit the bill- but the most important qualities and often the rarest are being ‘genuine’ and ‘real’. Ian has all of these qualities as a speaker and you can be sure your members and delegates will come away with raised awareness and a lot of new ideas they can apply immediately!

About Ian

Ian experienced many challenges working with leaders in his career- what you might call the ‘good, the bad and the ugly’. He learned from good bosses as well as what he calls the 'seagull managers'- in the latter case what not to do, how not to be.  At the turn of the millennium, and seeing a crying need in workplaces for improved qualities and skills in leaders, this financial professional became a certified facilitator of Achieve Global’s highly acclaimed leadership and customer service training programs.

Since then he has developed, not only an expertise in leadership facilitation, but more importantly a passion for the insights and the learning that he shares with others. Ian has a wealth of practical experience to back-up the principles and techniques that are covered.  Never stuck for a great story that will entertain as well as illustrate his learning points, he energizes training participants with the challenge of strengthening their people skills.

Ian began publishing articles in a variety of publications in 2010 and has specialized in showing people how they can improve the outcomes in their lives, both at home and at work by developing and competently using their people and communication skills.

Ian has a number of keynotes that would appeal to a variety of businesses as well as not for profits- any organization in which the successful interaction of staff, customers and members or volunteers is critical to the organization’s results and success.

In his recognition keynote for example he explains that giving recognition is a critical leadership and people skill that can be strengthened with practice. He illustrates how being good at recognizing others is important both at work and in our personal lives- so a valuable tool not only for leaders but for everyone.

Ian covers the close linkage with the development of self-confidence and self-esteem and how performance and employee retention is stimulated by recognition.  He makes the case clearly that what gets recognized competently and promptly gets repeated!

He also sets out a simple process for identifying actions that should be recognized, and then gives four key communication steps that will give the person recognition that is meaningful to them.  And as with all of his presentations, Ian gives his audience the chance to practice what they’ve learned.

He also has invigorating and insightful keynotes about a communication protocol that he has developed which he calls simply Humble vs Rumble language and explains how negativity in workplaces can be significantly reduced by learning the basics of literally 'taking the fight out' of our messages to each other.  This is particularly valuable for any organization that has broadly experienced negativity and/or conflict internally or with customers.   Indeed Ian's keynotes can be tailored based on each organization's needs and challenges and you are encouraged to call and discuss how he can structure his keynote address or training to suit your needs. 

Ian also has an important new keynote on the power of TAWAHO which has a great deal of potential for everyone, young and old. This is a topic not available anywhere else and one that is presently being published as a book.  To find out more about this wonderful communication power you can visit his website at www.tawaho.com or www.ianhope.com .

Ian's messages are all about positivity in communication and he is able to share his many ideas and techniques with his audiences who find him both inspiring and most of all genuine. Ian says it’s not as much about lighting fires under people, as it is about lighting fires within them.


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