Orsha Magyar

Orsha Magyar

Calgary, Canada
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Lunch n' Learns Workshops & Seminars Conferences Fundraising & Charitable Events Menu Planning & Recipe Creation Classes Food Budgeting Classes Cooking Classes & Cooking Demos Grocery Store Tours Executive & Management Retreats
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Addictions, Aging, Alternative Health, Brain and Body, Coaching, Eastern Medicine, Emotional Intelligence, Healing, Health and Wellness, Holistic Health, Innovation, Leadership, Lifestyle, Longevity, Mental Health, Nutrition, Safety, Stress, Wellness, Women/ Men
17 years in brain research and its application through development & implementation of brain research-based tools
Travel Info
Residing in Calgary, Alberta and can travel to other cities but my preference is Calgary.
Depends, please contact Orsha directly at orsha@neurotrition.ca
Stay Tuned, Orsha's research articles and NeuroTrition's brain food recipes and blogs coming soon!
Target Audience
Executives Leadership Teams Human Resources Managers Health & Safety Managers

If you’re looking for powerful yet practical, neuroscience-backed nutrition and lifestyle tools to build and maintain your organization’s happiest, healthiest brains, I have just the brain food for you.

My seminars power up the brain to help Executives, Leadership Teams, and Managers make more effective decisions and develop healthier interpersonal skills while reducing organizational risk factors and costs associated with sick days. I have over 17 years of experience in brain and mental health research, having obtained a B.Sc in Behavioural Neuroscience and M.Sc in Neuroscience, published my leading research in high calibre medical and scientific journals and presented it at national and international academic conferences. But my passion is making this neuroscience easier to chew and actually digest in order to fuel the brain for better personal and business returns! After obtaining a R.H.N in nutrition, I founded NeuroTrition Inc. where for the past 5 years I have worked with corporations, healthcare institutions and universities to help their teams re-engineer how they feel, think and perform by pairing neuroscience and nutrition and bringing them to the table. Together.

At NeuroTrition, we seamlessly translate leading nutritional neuroscience discoveries into results-driven programs teaching real-life skills that are not only easy to understand but simple to begin using right away to support and foster your brain health. My seminars are customized and scalable to the level and format your organization requires, and include personalization to:

  • Executives                                                             
  • Leadership Teams
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Health & Safety Managers

Always firmly rooted in leading neuroscience but applied gently through proven nutrition strategies, my innovative, integrative seminar topics include:

  • Reducing the effects of stress on the body & brain
  • Improving energy and decreasing fatigue
  • Improving focus and alertness
  • Increasing safety and reducing workplace-related incidents & accidents
  • Dealing with the transfer of addictions
  • Eliminating insomnia and sleep issues
  • Navigating shift-work and reducing its effects on health
  • Improving memory and concentration
  • Improving mood, and fighting the blues and anxiety

In addition, I draw on the latest neuroscience to shed new light on and offer unique, proven brain-related approaches to health conditions including:

  • Blood Sugar & Diabetes
  • Weight loss (by actually eating!)
  • Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & Heart disease
  • Thyroid conditions
  • Autoimmune diseases

We have a Science Council at NeuroTrition that consists of highly-acclaimed neuroscientist experts in these fields who review and approve our programs and are on occasion available for guest-speaking. They ensure our methodology stays firmly rooted in leading-edge neuroscience, so I can focus on turning neuro-scientific mouthfuls into advice that you can actually chew on during my seminars!

We also have a team of chefs that are available to take the skills you’ll learn at my seminars to the next level by teaching the hands-on skills required to turn the science into real brain food! Our customized and scalable chef services include:

  • Meal & snack creation to accompany Orsha’s seminar
  • Menu-planning, budgeting and recipe creation
  • List creation for eating on the go & while travelling
  • Cooking classes & demo’s
  • Grocery store tours
  • Executive & management retreats

With over 17 years dedicated to building happier, healthier brains, I am continually striving to make neuroscience easier to digest and downright delicious by offering powerful yet practical solutions to common health-related problems in the workplace. A select list of organizations I have spoken at and created programs for include:

  • EnerPlus
  • University of Calgary (Hotchkiss Brain Institute)
  • Carleton University
  • Vancouver School Board
  • Vancouver General Hospital
  • Vancouver Public Library
  • YWCA (Vancouver)
  • PennWest

What if nutrition could re-engineer the brain to prevent or solve all-too-common workplace-related problems that are affecting employees‘ health and the bottom line? My seminars are guaranteed to give you some real food for thought!

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