Jaime Hernandez

Jaime Hernandez

Poway, United States
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Event Types
Emcee C-level facilitation Motivational Speaker Guest Lecturer Sales and Marketing trainer Management trainer Strategic Planning
Speaking Topics
Business and Management Training, Motivation, Negotiation, Networking, Sales/Marketing, Success, Vision/Strategic Planning, Volunteerism/ Community, Women/ Men, Facilitation
20+ years of presentation and facilitation in English and Spanish.
Travel Info
Traveled to 30+ countries on 4 continents.
$1500 to $2500 per day, plus expenses.
Target Audience
Sales organizations, Business Owners, C-level

Jim Hernandez

Jim Hernandez, President of Strategic Business Communications, Inc. is an exemplary speaker on business and motivational topics; he has an extensive background in sales, management, and marketing having worked with over 30 businesses, in 31 countries, as a motivational speaker, consultant, and trainer. Jim Hernandez, was recently named a finalist at the San Diego Business Journal’s “Most Admired CEO Awards,” in which he was recognized for his professional achievements, contributions to the community, as well as his role as an inspirational leader within his company. 

Jim has been named Outstanding Business Leader with Junior Achievement, and has worked with everything from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Jim is fluent in three languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese), and has been able to work implementing measurable results-driven marketing plans in many cultures. His responsibilities include managing and running his own growing business, to helping other companies grow and develop their own businesses throughout the world. Jim is an Alumnus of the University of Victoria where he graduated with a degree in Sociology. He is heavily involved in his community including 25+ years as a member of Kiwanis where he is a two-time Distinguished President and Hixson Award winner.


“The Fastest and Most Effective Strategic Plan You Will Ever Create”

Will quickly and accurately look at your entire business in about 67 minutes or less with the goal of developing a complete action plan that will carefully walk you through the 12 STEPS TO PROPERLY DEVELOP A STRATEGIC PLAN

Besides the Strategic Idea you might have, this efficient planning process help you think about:

  • What the consequences of achieving or not achieving your idea are.
  • What your organization really stands for, and who will benefit from this idea.
  • What your vision for the future is.
  • What the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats against your idea are.
  • What kind of obstacles you might run into.

As part of your Strategic Plan we recommend you properly measure results as a means to ensure things are moving forward as intended. The four areas we have every business look at when considering what to measure are:

Financial results
Sales Activity results
Inventory/Supply Management
Marketing ROI
After review of these areas you will have developed your own Performance Dashboard to measure the key elements of your organizations performance. The next step is to lay down some actions with delegation and time commitments to make sure you have a program to get started.

Our strategic plan will work for any type of organization from big businesses to philanthropic organizations.

“It's Only a Problem If You Make It One”


Jim is the father of Jimmy, who is legally blind. At 11 weeks, his doctor informed Jim and his wife Cheryl that nothing could be done, and he provided them with a list of 13 things Jimmy would never do. Today, Jimmy is nicknamed superman. He has done 12 of the 13 things thanks to the teamwork of the communities of doctors, friends, and family. Jim relates this story to how he has also been able to overcome a devastating business situation.

“The #1 Form of Trusted Advertising Is Actually FREE and So is #3! (Nielsen 2013)”

This presentation will cover how to best measure, focus efforts, and build on to the exceptional customer experience your business provides – to improve on it. According to Nielsen (September 2013) the #1 form of Trusted Advertising is Word of Mouth “recommendations from people you know.” You have a small army of customers you could be using to promote your company, and in this session we will cover how to measure it and work on it.

"How, to Find, Sell, Close and Keep More Customers"
Are you looking for ways to increase your sales results? Our seminar includes a participant’s workbook and actions plans that each participant will leave with. The action plans will allow your salespeople to leave with a plan to increase results. Each participant will receive a follow up call 30 days after the seminar to discuss the participant’s commitment to improve.


“Dear Jim, during my 29-year career as a car salesman for Toyota, Nisan, Kia and Honda brands, I have received around 20 sales seminars that taught me the way to sell but never how to really do it, which I think was a key component of your seminar. I want to congratulate you for this excellent training that has been the best I have ever received during my career as a car salesman.”

      -  Jose Rodrigues, Sales Executive

“In all the time I've had the pleasure of knowing Jim he has displayed the highest level of Integrity, professionalism and kindness. I feel these are among the highest qualities anyone can ask for in themselves or someone they are associated with. I highly recommend Jim Services.”

     - September 21, 2011, Martin worked directly with Jim at Toastmasters International

“For anyone reading this please note the following: Jim is the type of "can do" person you would want to have as a partner or business associate. Not only is his character above reproach, he operates with high standards of ethical conduct. He is a credit to his family, his business partners, the city in which he lives and his faith. It is pleasure to call him my friend."

      - September 24, 2010, Jeff worked with Jim at Toastmasters International

“I have had the pleasure of taking Jim's sales training on "How to Find, Sell, Close, and Keep More Customers," and I have to say that I am very impressed. The content and methods are very unique and will be very valuable to my sales career. He has wonderful insight and experience and I feel fortunate to be able to learn from someone with such an impressive career. I am confident that what I have learned will greatly improve my prospecting, follow-ups, and ability to identify the buying motivations of each client so that I can focus my presentations in order to be more successful. I would highly recommend Jim/SBC to any company that wants to invest in their sales team in order to drive business development, increase revenue, and improve their client experience.”

      - June 12, 2015, Tiffani was Jim's client

“Thanks Jim!! I want to thank you again and again!! You are a speaker that is hard to be outperformed. I’m not sure what matters the most to me. The tools that you shared with us, which have been really useful and necessary, or the interest you have in each of your students that later become your friends!? I truly appreciate everything. Thank you so much!!”

     - Susana Sarkisian

“Dear Mr. Hernandez, I would like to thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me during the Sales Training on the 24th January 2012. That training injected a shot of adrenalin into my sales life. Today, I closed four full price deals. I used the demo as you encouraged and all went extremely well. Thank you. God bless you. I intend to maximise those customers using the 1-3-7 day follow up. Keep in touch. Regards, Hema Ramdeo.”

     - Hema R., Trinidad

“Jim, WOW! Your presentation was fantastic. I knew you would connect with our youth and deliver a great learning experience and of course you exceeded my expectations. Enriching the lives of youth by sharing your time and talents was very generous. The other leaders send their heartfelt appreciation. I spoke with many of our youth after your talk and they were inspired.”

      - Don, San Diego


 Jim Hernandez has been an Award Winning Toastmaster, and member of Toastmasters International for over twelve years. He is also a member of Vistage International where he has delivered his presentation on the “Fastest and Most Effective Strategic Plan You Will Ever Create” to CEO’s and key executives. In addition, Jim has been a speaker for:     

  • Kiwanis,
  • NMSDC,
  • American Honda,
  • and has acted as a guest lecturer on Sales and Marketing at the University of San Diego.


OOZEit Blog and SBC, INC Website


 All presentations will be tailored to the specific needs of your topic or conference.



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