Joni Avram

Joni Avram

Calgary, Canada
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Business and Management Training, Change, Communications, Employee Retention, Innovation, Leadership, Organizational Development, Personal Change, Sales/Marketing, Social Change, Success, Teamwork, Vision/Strategic Planning, Volunteerism/ Community, Marketing, Building Community, Economic Development, Small Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Engaging New Leaders

Joni Avram is an award-winning branding and engagement expert.

Nearly ten years ago, I began my company, Cause & Effect Marketing, to support leaders who are driving meaningful change in their industries and communities. I help organizations create Big Idea brands that reflect the pressing cultural and economic issues of our time, enhancing their competitive advantage and market share, boosting customer loyalty, engaging employees, and driving revenue. I have a diverse background and a unique blend of talents, allowing me to combine market research and analysis with strategic thinking and creative execution to build innovative campaigns that deliver exponential growth.

Driven to work with business and nonprofit leaders who want to change the world while growing their organizations, I established Cause & Effect Marketing in 2006. Some notable projects: • Working closely with W. Brett Wilson over the last nine years, I have helped establish his national brand as an innovative philanthropist and entrepreneur, generating immeasurable ROI through three years on Dragons’ Den, increasing investment prospects, book sales, speaking platforms, and enabling expanded opportunities for philanthropic engagement. • Being chosen as Calgary lead for Yellow Pages Canada’s award-winning shop local movement, I helped the company engage the community in supporting local businesses. Some 8000 businesses and 200 business associations participated across the country generating important revenues for small businesses, and helping expand Yellow Pages’ digital platforms. • Leading an award winning province-wide public awareness campaign focused on creating a consistently positive public response toward survivors of sexual assault. The campaign engaged 23 post-secondary institutions, 6 government agencies, dozens of community organizations, and 4 national media partners—and improved the attitudes and behavior of Albertans who would provide a positive response by 108%. • Supporting ViewTrak Technologies’ partnership with the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association in gaining support for the Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS), a national information system that is allowing the industry to unlock the value of data sharing and respond to increasing consumer demand for more information about the quality of Canadian beef. This effort is an important evolution in the sustainability of the sector. In the first six months following the partnership, industry engagement grew by 35%. • Launching Connect, a nonprofit agency established by sixteen organizations to provide a single access point for people at risk for sexual or family violence. Knowing that many people don’t want to admit they’re in abusive situations, we focused on inviting people to have conversation about healthy relationships. By positioning it as a “low-threshold” agency and strategically promoting itself in the community, Connect overcame access barriers, doubling their call volumes year after year. • Re-branding the Alex Community Health Centre through market research and an understanding of the competitive environment helped us build a brand strategy that allowed them to double in size (from $10 million to $20 million) in the subsequent 5 years. • Supporting over 50 nonprofits in growing donor and volunteer support, resulting in tens of millions in new revenues. My expertise has helped agencies gain credibility and influence with key audiences, dramatically increasing funding and expanding program offerings. • Supporting businesses in creating mission-minded brands that reflect the pressing social and cultural issues of our time, enhancing their competitive advantage and market share, and increasing customer and staff loyalty. Recent examples include Redrock Camps and 2020 Seed Labs. In both cases, we focused on delivering elevated experiences to customers to improve client loyalty and staff engagement, while framing the brand around higher ideals of feeding the world and supporting the unsung heroes on the energy frontier. The CEOS of both companies said the brand process completed shifted their understanding of how to effectively market their companies and expanded their opportunities for partnership, engagement, and growth.

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