Human Capital OR Human Treasury?

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I am a huge advocate of what we speak is a reflection of what the vision is in our heart! AND, truly I have a huge heart for Corporate, particularly, the Human Treasury Department. I am fully persuaded that “Building the People that Build our Business’s” is or should be at the heart of every Corporation. I have been mulling over the phrase that I see on a Corporate Business Plans named “Human Capital”. When did humans become inanimate objects? When did we become expendable and trade-able? In recent research and according to Towers Watson we now sit at this pandemic figure. At least 70% of employees (the human treasury) are dis-engaged. Let’s zoom right to the bottom line which is where the buck stops. If I was to calculate a monetary value to the disengagement what would it be? Let’s do a quick calculation shall we. Statistically – 14% highly engaged – right on!! 70% dis-engaged (I would probably say in life in general). So, let’s say that you have 60 employees that are dis-engaged. You now have 30 MORE employees than you need. 30 highly engaged employees would do the job and do it well. Let’s just look at the simple cost of 30 extra employees over a year and let’s just use a nice round number of a salary of $60,000/yr. 30 X 60,000 = 1.8 MM. This doesn’t include benefit costs or other factors. Then, let’s look at the attitude of 60 disengaged employees vs 5 highly engaged employees. Who carries the stronger energy? Is the work atmosphere saturated with mediocrity or GOLD?

I believe that within each human being there is the desire to be purposeful and brilliant in what they were created to be and do. Somehow the value of a human being became buried in the human doing, however, the human doing is premised on seeing and valuing the human being. I believe that we need to go back to the age old foundation and open the ancient doors of truly and really seeing and hearing each other... we each have unique DNA. Where did we go wrong when we began placing people in a box of are you a D, I, S, or C or are you Blue, Orange or Gold? I am a unique combination of many of these – you?

I am once again seeing through the lenses of vulnerability and empathy – Brene Brown, Ph.D. has done some fabulous studies and I am one that buys in fully.

I ask all that read this article to begin to look at the people in your life as the Human Treasury vs the expenditure of Human Capital. It will change the way you see all the Humans in your life and the heart that beats therein

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