Are you causing your own stress? 5 indicators that you are!

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What’s causing the excessive amount of stress that most of us seem to have?

In many cases, we bring it upon ourselves.

We’re slaves to technology that is meant to serve us rather than enslave us. We buy into the expectations that society seems to have for us – better, faster, stronger, more, more, MORE! We don’t make the effort or take the time to do the things that we know we need to do – rest, relax, eat well, exercise, sleep….slow down.

Are you causing your own stress?

Answer these questions to find out and learn some basic techniques that you can use to help reduce your stress.

Doing it all yourself? You have a lot to do and you know that you can do it well. You could delegate, but then you’d still have to check the work. Better to do it yourself. That might be okay if you are taking on a few additional tasks, but it isn’t okay when you so this continuously. Prioritizing items and focusing on the three most important for the day will help ensure that your most important items get done. Delegating to others may take more time initially, but in the long term will be more efficient and effective.

Suffering from FOMO? Overcome the anxiety associated with FOMO (fear of missing out). We are constantly bombarded by friends and colleagues attending yet another highly exciting, highly rewarding event and wondering why we weren’t invited or didn’t attend. Let that go by unsubscribing to updates for events that you’re not attending. That way you won’t be feeling left out.

Sleep? What’s that? Research has shown that people require at least seven hours of restful sleep in order to fully recover from a days’ work. When you’re dealing with major business stresses, sleeping can be problematic as your mind fixates on an issue, ramping up the pressure you feel. A technique to deal with this to count steadily from 1 to 10 and then backwards from 10 – 1, repeating this until you fall asleep. The focus on counting and keeping track (sometimes you’ll find yourself up to 25 or 30 before you realize it) helps create focus and calm your mind. Oh, when you do find yourself at 25 or 30, just start the countdown again from 10 to 1.

Is your iPhone or Blackberry your bedtime companion? Does your boss expect you to answer his or her emails at all hours of the day or night? If your boss is contributing to your work stress, set boundaries for “on time” and “off time.” Not possible? Don’t teach your boss that you will respond at all hours of the day or night. Time your response so that it is sent just before the work day starts rather than in the middle of the night.

Suffering from the “squirrel” syndrome? Oh, there goes another one now! If you are constantly distracted by the ping of a new text or email coming in or people stopping by to chat, you may be suffering from this syndrome. Rein in distractions by shutting off email and text notifications, blocking off time in your calendar, and closing your office door (if you have one). Sometimes leaving the office altogether is necessary to regain focus.

What are ways that you know you are causing stress for yourself and what are you doing about it?

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