Creating Wellness - A Personal Journey to Fulfillment

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Creating Wellness is all about the choices we make in our day to day living. Rather than being a destination, wellness is a journey which we can choose to be on! It is a path which calls for great awareness, diligence and discipline, and once taken, it yields valuable returns in the form of increased energy levels and vitality, more clarity of thought, enhanced feelings of wellbeing and even spiritual freedom! Yet my observation over the past 2 decades of working with individuals is that we do not necessarily choose the path of wellness despite all of these benefits.

A quick search on Google affirms that ‘life style’ ‘diseases are on the rise, including diabetes, arthritis, dementia, cancer, high blood pressure and depression, to name a few! In addition, as many of us fall somewhat below the level of what constitutes a disease, we go undiagnosed even though we can suffer from many of the symptoms! Essentially, even though we have tons of resources and information available about how to live a healthier lifestyle and 'why' it is important, as a whole we are getting sicker and sicker. And it is happening to us at a much younger age than even 50 years ago. For example, Alzheimer’s has now been diagnosed as beginning in, and even showing up in, males as young as age 35; and look at the epidemic of childhood diabetes!

So why don’t we ‘act’ better even though we ‘know’ better? At the risk of over simplification, I believe that there are numerous unconscious or subconscious 'programs' running within us that lead us astray, often undermining the best of intentions of making healthy choices. Certainly, we would never give up an opportunity to feel vital, calm, peaceful and happy, yet we often do just that! Accordingly, to create wellbeing in our lives, it is essential that we investigate and examine the mechanism behind these programs and learn how to consciously reprogram them! I talk about these programs as 'energies', which although neutral by nature, become positively or negatively charged when given intent and direction!

Understanding Illness

Illness is a state of being which occurs when our being – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – goes out of alignment due to unhealthy or negative stress! Yet it too is a path which we can be on (often without even being fully aware of it) until one day, the proverbial ‘overnight’, we fall ill with an affliction. And how do we typically deal with illness – usually in 3 ways: One is to take illness as a ‘natural’ part of aging, and resort to conventional, superficial means of treatment to manage it despite the compromised quality of life we are experiencing. Another goes a level deeper and seeks out viable avenues and alternatives which can alleviate the pain and even realign us to a place of balance and wellbeing. And the third, a route that I have personally chosen to take, is to go deep within my psyche to identify, assess and root out all negative energies or programs which are leading me towards illness versus wellness! This is important to me since being on the path of wellness supports my desire to achieve life freedom!!

Energy as Thoughts and Feelings

In practical terms, the energy that I’m speaking of is often understood as our thoughts and feelings. But if you stop to reflect for a moment, have you ever touched or seen a thought or feeling? And if not, how do you know they exist? For me, thoughts and feelings are real energies with tangible consequences, impacting both body and mind! For example, recall for a moment a painful memory of when you first experienced betrayal or abandonment. And recall how that felt in your body – did you feel 'sick to your stomach', or 'heavy in the chest' or just 'stunned or dazed' by the feeling of being abandoned? And what if this occurred several times in your life? If you reacted the same way to these experiences, chances are that it has now become a pattern or a program, an energy blueprint, which dictates how you perceive future situations. And sometimes, you may even, in anticipation of a perceived negative outcome in a situation, experience the symptoms of rejection, abandonment or betrayal, whether or not they actually occur! Such is the power of a thought and the feeling that accompanies it!

The good news is that having the capacity to practice self-awareness, we can introspectively investigate our thoughts and feelings, our perceptions and reactions, and challenge ourselves to change those which are literally making us sick! So why don’t more of us do this, naturally? Simply put, it takes ‘guts’ to dive deep into the depths of your own psyche and face yourself to ultimately challenge and change the very energetic paradigms with which you have become so identified, that you have forgotten that you are not your thoughts, nor your feelings; rather, you are a spiritual being having a human experience which is mediated through your ability to think and feel, both of which support you in learning and growing during this brief interlude we call life! In other words, this process is invisible, running in the background and negatively impacting your decisions, and only when you become aware of it can you free yourself from its grasp on you.

Choosing the Path of Wellness to Spiritual Freedom

Hopefully, this brief discussion has given you food for thought regarding your own life path and the choices you are making in it. Wellness is a path which in addition to the physical, includes the mental, emotional and spiritual – it encompasses our whole being! I personally approach creating wellness from this holistic view point and strive to achieve it at every level of my being! This entails that I practice detachment through understanding and compassion with everything and everyone that stresses me, so that disease or illness cannot take hold. And while it is a challenging process, with perseverance and faith, gradually, all unhealthy demons, such as judgement, resentment, fear, worry, self-devaluation, guilt and the blame are transformed into acceptance, gratitude, trust, hope, self-love, accountability, forgiveness, and love for all beings! Ultimately, the rewards of choosing such a path are a lasting sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment – all indicators in my book of true success!

Stress Management Expert and former Immigration Judge Taron Puri, B.A. LL.B, shows you how to deal effectively with stress and be happier and more successful in all that you do! Working with individuals and organizations globally, he excels at turning negatives into positives, reducing conflict and helping you make sense of life's most challenging issues.  To learn more about Taron’s programs, training and coaching, visit www.energyinmotion.org or e-mail info@energyinmotion.org.

Photo Credit: By Taron Puri, 2009, “Inukshuk – Lighting the Way at Sunset” – English Bay, Vancouver, B.C.

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