What is the emotional wellness status in your organization?

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How would you rank the emotional wellness in your organization? How many people are struggling with painful situations, heart breaking stories, tragic situations, loss, grief, fear, conflict, difficult relationships, financial difficulties or emotional health issues to name a few? How resilient is your staff in overcoming or dealing with their difficulties? How are the problems impacting your bottom line?

If you’re like most organizations, those issues are well hidden in the fabric of your organization or are shared only with a select few trusted friends.

Everywhere we look we see hurting people. We only have to turn on the TV or open the newspaper to see that people are experiencing stress, struggles and pain in their lives.

Those stresses and struggles are impacting our homes, our relationships, schools, and communities and then those issues are then brought right into the workplace.

Grief, loss, conflict, divorce, addictions, abuse, violence, depression, trauma and suicide are just a few of the hurtful situations that are rampant in all segments of society. None of us are immune to being hurt and none of us are immune to hurting others.

When hurts happen, hearts, lives and relationships suffer and the impact of those difficulties affect individuals at a deep level. It is not uncommon for struggling souls to hide behind mask of, “I’m Okay!” yet their effectiveness, concentration and productivity are weakened and their ability to problem solve is compromised.

Organizational leaders may not be aware of the pressures, emotional bombshells and landmines that exist right in their midst and under their nose. Workers portray their very best image in fear they’ll be thought to be weak, unbalanced, lazy or incapable. Worse yet they feel ashamed and worry they’ll lose their job. so they carry on living a lie to themselves and to others, all the while the pain of their situation is eroding their energy, self esteem and ability to cope.

With decades of experience at the executive level, Annette Stanwick has a clear understanding that when emotional wellness in the workplace is compromised, effectiveness, communication, productivity and team cohesion are diminished, all of which impact the bottom line.

What can organizational leaders do to assist their workers in finding happiness, peace and freedom from the pain of their situation? First, leaders must acknowledge that problems exist even though they may not be aware of the details of the life struggles going on all around them. Second, by supporting and promoting programs that will aid employees and colleagues in finding resources, encouragement and help for their own unique difficulties. Providing programs that benefit their employees personally as well as professionally will increase their resilience, which in turn decreases turnover because employees will sense their employer really cares about them as individuals. Last but not least leaders can make their organization more open and friendly to those that are hurting and struggling by recognizing their own need for relief from time to time. 

LETTING GO AND LIVING FREE is a presentation that will aid your employees in facing their issues, feeling the pain of their problem, determining what’s working and what isn’t, making positive choices and then letting go of those things that keep them stuck.

 To schedule Annette Stanwick as a speaker for your organization call 403-208-2181.

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Speaker, Author and Freedom Facilitator

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