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WSN Trends in Training event on the topic of: Corporate Social Responsibility


It is amazing that when you gather inspiring thought leaders together, innovative ideas surface and sparks start to ignite. Imagine if we keep multiplying this in the world what will we be able to co-create? Here are the comments from the thought leaders who attended the WSN event April 24h/13:

Social Responsibility starts with self-responsibility and accountability.

Taron Puri, Energy in Motion

It’s a growing and evolving trend. I’m happy to see companies move more toward high-skilled volunteering/giving.

Lori DeLuca, Volunteer Calgary

I believe that CSR means more than just charitable donations. It has to do with maintaining a balance between business, our environment, and community.

Mary Mason, Flint

When we all give what we can everyone wins. Corporations that align their values with community and give back attract like-minded individuals. This allows the possibility of collaboration within the corporate culture and within the community itself. We all need to step up because together we are strong in building an attitude of giving. We all have the responsibility to lead and be role models for the generation up and coming.

Debra Wallace, Debra Wallace and Associates

Statistically individuals give the most to charity both financially and through volunteerism. I think it is imperative that business (small, medium and large) plays a major role in giving back.

Mitch Ravvin, Rave Results

We are greater than the sun of our parts. As we come together as a community, magic happens.

Maria Kliavkoff, MK Facilitations

We are long overdue, and the world is at the brink of either crashing or blooming. Thank you for encouraging us all to bloom.

Colleen Kelba, iwillhelp

It has to be a formal corporate program. It just has to be clearly and visibly supported as part of the corporate culture. Employees will act if they feel supported in this manner.

Sheldon Baranec, Qsine Corporation

We all must be responsible corporate citizens, whether on a board, a volunteer or organizer. We all need to use our skills, abilities and gifts to grow, change and sustain the empowerment of worthwhile organizations that serve society.

Annette Stanwick, Heart Message Productions

CSR needs to be more embedded in organizations DNA. It’s not just about writing a cheque but about how the organization conducts their business.

Gary Fredrich-Dunne, Bullfrog Power

It’s a great idea to be able to access a service like iwllhelp that allows you to donate to a cause on behalf of your clients.

Bernie Fitterer, Inspiring Developments

“Me to We” for the corporate world.

Danielle Walsh, Metro Wall Coverings

Giving back keeps the world and our world’s in balance. It also ensures that a culture of giving is fostered.

Tom Grbich, Staying Alive Self Defence

It’s a must and needs to be discussed more to encourage more activity.

Trina Lo, FreshInk

It is all about building a community that we can all support each other with. “ What is the greater impact of your organization on the larger world?”

Denene Derksen, Optimum Wellness Centres

CSR is great but needs to respect that not every cause is for every individual. By providing a variety of options/events, corporations can involve a maximum of participants. Let people have input into which charities they want to support.

Suzan McEvoy, Photos With Finesse

Awesome collection of speakers and points of view.

Sharon Carne, Sound Wellness

I like the term Corporate Citizenship- just as I love the term Global Citizenship. It is absolutely essential that a corporation empower their employees to make a difference in the world around them. All of a sudden, your job is no longer a job but a community all driven by the same cause. I personally would stand in line to be part of a company that sends a team of people abroad to REALLY make a difference.

Katherine Small, Journey Program

CSR needs to be clearly defined.

Grant Kelba, iwillhelp

CSR is often thought of as corporations supporting the community, both near and far. Although I challenge individuals to look at CSR as something that starts within. CSR needs to be a culture within an organization, so that employees are empowered to make suggestions that bring about change; empowered to volunteer at local and (inter)national events. Through this empowerment corporations foster an organic community of socially engaged and socially responsible citizens, who piece by piece make the world a better place.

Franco Rizzuti, President of the Graduate Students Association, U of C

Giving back is what counts.

David Bradley, David Bradley Consulting

Just a few of my “ take home” thoughts: 1) How can I be generous to all 3 legs of giving? 2) Policies might be needed when the corporate culture has not been able to mobilize the team. 3) How do we train new leaders and provide succession planning for boards? 4) Why not empower your customers to make donations.

Building connections is awesome!

Gail Mukaida, Kermode Counselling Services

CSR can be an action in organizations that facilitates improving corporate culture, attracts/retains new employees, and allows people the ability to align purpose, passion, and spirit in the workplace.

Denise Baril, Workplace Speaker Network

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“One thought acted upon can change the world”.

Thank you everyone for sharing your insight!

Denise Baril, Founder WSN
(403) 620-5010

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