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Step 1: Create Your WSN Profile To Build Your Brand/ Value

Be part of a community of influencers to make great things happen.
Setting up your profile on WSN to market your brand, expertise, influence, and build credibility in the world.
Whether you are a young leader in a job, a innovator trying to get funding, or a expert who wants to grow more business, being a WSN influencer powers up your message.

Step 2: Connect to Business Influencers

The gold in our network is likeminded professionals, innovators, and change agents who all have networks you need to know about.
Being in a community of influential experts raises your value and opens doors.
Knowing how to do effectively this is what we teach our community to maximize results.

Step 3: Share Your Voice/ People Buy You

When you share what you are a passionate about, you are 100% in your zone.
WSN is a platform that helps you get noticed. Spend more time in your zone and attract the right leads and opportunities. People buy you.
Learn how to best position your voice to create a ripple effect in your world or the business funnel you are growing.

Step 4: Tap into the Tools and Technology

WSN shares how to use video messaging and other technology for our community to use to power up their influence.
Being connected to WSN you will learn about resources/tools, share info with others, and stay leading edge.
The world is spinning fast so be part of a community of experts who shares resources and tips on whats happening next.
Being future ready is mission critical.

Benefits to Joining WSN
Profile Page Present your speaker qualifications and experience on this self-managed, dynamic and professionally presented web page.
Business Building Resources Insider access to WSN Business Building Resources
WSN Homepage Rotating Image on homepage.
WSN Affiliation WSN LOGO to post on your website identifying affiliation.
Bookings Book Your Own Speaking Events through your page and retain 100% of fees.
Videos Post videos on your profile page
Search Topics Add multiple search topics to get found in the network
Expertise Profiling Additional options to add Profiling Expertise: Elite Speaker/ CEO / Executive leader/Research/ or Trade Professional
Call for Speakers Access call for speakers listing
Speaking Requests Notified first when speaking requests made through network
Priority Screening Get on priority screening for relevant requests in your area of expertise
Blogging Post articles on WSN blog
Speaker Database Access to speaker database

Preferred Services

Preferred services to streamline your business growth ( online/ mobile marketing/ video tools/ book writing course/ 6 Weeks to Success Business course, etc)

Leads Leverage leads shared by other WSN members.
Testimonials Add additional exposure in the network by sharing a testimonial we can share with new visitors to WSN.
Business Resources Business resources and articles related marketing and positioning your business.
Video Tool Video Tool and special rate for members ( #1 Thing you need today)
Market Courses Coming fall 2018: Platform to market courses/ training live and online
I Know a Guy I Know a Guy resources for business
Support for Funding Grant support for funding your training services
Registration $20+GST per month plus registration of $499+GST. REGISTER NOW
See what's inside a
WSN Speaker Account
Specialty Speaker Categories
Speakers with specialty qualifications can get special distinction in WSN.
Researcher Speaker Speakers who educate the community about their research and development projects.
CEO or Executive Speaker CEO'S or corporate Executives who wish to share expertise in a speaking capacity for events or building profile for corporate PR.
Elite Speaker High profile speakers who qualify. They need to provide references to companies they served and demonstrate revenue billing over $2500 per event and been in industry as a speaker or expert over 5 year period to qualify. High profile leaders and executives may also qualify for this category.
Technical/Trade Speaker Speakers who serve the technical aspects of business.
Specialty subscription fees are the standard speaker
fees plus $5 per month per category.

Want Fast Results in WSN?

Book a Coaching Call if You Need Help in WSN $250.00/ min 1 hour

Knowing how to make the most of your expertise is vital to build your business. If you want one on one support to get a quick start in WSN book a coaching call now.

Service Options for Members

E Mail Marketing

Measure your reach with email marketing. WSN is a partner of Constant Contact. New clients get a bonus branded template for their company. Click here to demo a free trial or to set up an new account.

Video Services

The first step in screen speakers is through video. Access COVIDEO technology to reach people daily. WSN offers preferred rate to members. WSN is a Canadian Distributor of COVIDEO To get members rate contact WSN

6 Weeks to Success©

Business Building Course Click to preview sample outline. For current dates and times contact us

Get Your Book Written in 90 Days!

Weekend Course to Streamline Your Success Contact us for next available session

Ghost Writer Services

No time to write it but want it done! Request a quote

One on One Business Consulting

Book an Hour with Denise Baril /Founder WSN

Advertise in WSN

Free Events - Free listing post request now-Paid Events- Paid Listing Request a quote.

Resource Directory Listing

Want to promote your business on our resource directory page?

Website Design/ Support

Whether you require a new website or an update,  let us help you make it easy to get done. Request a Quote.

Mobile Marketing

As mobile is the place where everyone shows up, learn how to leverage it to get noticed. Request a Quote.

Social Media Services

Get support in positioning your business online leveraging social media. Request a quote

Tax Planning/ Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping and tax services for WSN members. Click to request a quote

Professional Photos

Request a booking for your professional photo Click to e mail me.

Media Kit Service

Request a quote to prepare a media kit to market your expertise click to e mail me.
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