The OGM and WSN Aligning to Match Oil and Gas Training Needs!

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The OGM (formerly, The Oil and Gas Magazine) and the Workplace Speaker Network (WSN) Aligning to Match Oil and Gas Training Needs!

The needs of the oil and gas industry are shifting rapidly and businesses need to know what current resources are available to stay leading edge. The OGM has seen the pressure building for companies to retain and attract new leaders as well as stay leading edge with respect to human capital management. In exploring how to best respond to these needs in the market place, OGM and WSN are setting out on a collaborative partnership to share information about training resources with companies who need them.

Denise Baril, founder of WSN (an online training database companies can tap into for workplace training) shared, “ According to Profit magazine, 61% say the average member of today’s workforce doesn’t have enough skills their firm needs to succeed. In a report by Deloitte called Talent Edge 2020: Building the Recovery, they identified, “Nearly half of employees surveyed (48%) who plan to leave their current jobs, believe their companies are doing a fair/poor job managing and delivering effective training programs”. At the same time, WSN noticed an abundance of high quality training professionals companies were missing out on in their own backyard (speakers, trainers, coaches, and consultants). Quality independent training professionals often have a hard time getting past company gatekeepers who push their talent and expertise away without knowing their value.

Until WSN came along, there was no one matching company needs to screened quality service providers. Where do you go to find current experts on: stress, health/wellness, employee engagement, assessment, corporate culture, multigenerational learning, strategic planning, employee innovation, and cultural diversity? Leaders either relied on outdated training (not serving current employee demographics) or spent hours trying to search for new resources with inconsistent results. Ultimately wasting time, money and creating disengaged employees in the process.

WSN has become the matching site to make it easy for leaders to not only access quality training and educational services 24/7, but to also help companies stay in touch with new training resources as they come on the market. “Aligning with OGM not only allows us to reach out to the oil and gas sector in the area of training, but work with a collaborative partner who see’s value in bringing innovative thinkers together to find common solutions for all. We are proud to be a part of this dynamic industry and want to be a strategic player who adds value to the oil sector,” says Baril.

In a recent report on the mature workforce, companies will need to be creative in how they plan for an aging workforce. By 2036, the proportion of seniors aged 65 years and older in Canada’s population is projected to increase to 25 per cent, or one in four Canadians”. (Labour Market Report, Retirements and Mature Worker Retention Practices, Results from the 2012 Employer Survey, Alberta Human Services).

OGM knows the demographics in the workplace is shifting rapidly and see’s the value of collaborating with leading edge providers like WSN who can serve the multigenerational learning community to retain our industry foothold as leaders in the energy sector.

The Workplace Speaker Network (WSN) is an online speaker/ training portal, and a growing stakeholder community companies can leverage to support innovative and effective employee training. www.workplacespeakernetwork.com

Tina Olivero is the founder of The Oil and Gas Magazine, now The OGM. A true visionary she started the publication 6 years before there was a drop of oil in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. She went on to develop and grow the publication to one of Canada’s leading energy magazines and also became a motivational speaker on topics of personal and professional mastery, corporate culture, organizational integrity, corporate communications, peak performance and experience architecture. Today you will find Ms. Olivero traveling the globe planting seeds of corporate wisdom that fundamentally have each individual take a leadership role in their own work lives with powerful tools like creativity, authenticity, integrity, vision, imagination, brainstorming and personal responsibility.

Munaf Samji is the CEO of The OGM. Proven capacities in the arenas of executive leadership and strategic marketing have garnered Munaf editorial excellence and a growing sophistication in global readership. His passion and ingenuity for recognizing the subliminal catalysts is the partial formula that enhances his capacity to influence and shift both fresh and engrained opinions of those who impact the energy industry.The breadth and depth of his experience and background has allowed him to provide strategic insight and counsel at all levels of business, with a strong eye for opportunity to grow a global brand. Munaf’s passions lie in the arenas of technology, both digital and social, and engaging the young professionals in career opportunities in Energy.

If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Tina Olivero or Munaf Samji at The OGM please call 403.718.9811 or e mail : info@theogm.com. To Schedule an interview with Denise Baril please call (403) 620-5010 or email: Denise@workplacespeakernetwork.com

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The OGM (formerly, The Oil and Gas Magazine) and the Workplace Speaker Network (WSN) Aligning to Match Oil and Gas Training Needs!
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