Denise is one of the very few people to ever overwhelm me with ideas within minutes of our first meeting.

She is able to quickly articulate value statements and move through creative and practical steps to marketing yourself or your business. I recommend meeting with her for a fresh take on your business or personal direction.

Kelly Hall, P.Eng
It’s About Changing the Box
Kelly Hall & Associates Ltd

Denise is like a breath of fresh air! She is an exceptional listener and optimist with a wealth of business knowledge she is happy to share.

Furthermore, if she can’t provide you with an answer right away, she knows somebody that can because she is a super connector and is well known and respected in the business community. Her approach is straight forward and goal-oriented and results are easy to measure. She has inspired me to think bigger, do more and has given me the tools to stay focused on working smarter, not harder. The opportunity to brainstorm with Denise was such a worthwhile experience as she helped me gain clarity around challenges and developed strategies to effectively move forward. Her authenticity and passion for helping others is contagious. I recommend Denise without hesitation.

Debra Wallace
Speaker/ Consultant

Denise is very passionate about what she does...

She is genuienly interested in seeing people succeed and make an impact. Every statement she makes is loaded with great ideas and wisdom to grow the business and the individual. She resonated with me the moment she started talking. At the end of the meeting all I could say was Wow. While driving home, I thought to myself, how blessed I am to meet this wonderful person. We need more of such people in the world.Denise, keep the passion up and look forward to our strategic partnership to release champions and inspire each one to greatness. This is the reason for my existence.

George Ayee 

"Thanks to Denise Baril and the WSN for arranging for me to speak at the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce'... event in January."

"I had a chance to meet members of a vibrant and growing business community and deliver a message that, from the feedback I received, was very helpful to everyone in attendance.

However, more than just the ability to deliver a message and make connections, this event opened my eyes to a key concept that Denise is always focusing on. I.e. Concentrate on delivering value, and the results will always follow. What I found is, although the training I delivered was free (i.e. I didn't charge to speak), the value of what was delivered was clear to those in attendance and has led to the busiest month for our business in over 18 months. We not only sent out proposals to almost 25% of the audience in attendance, but also got invited to work with the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce as well as the Airdrie Home & Lifestyle Show to help promote their events in the future.

All of this from one single speaking / training engagement promoted by the WSN. Thanks again for the opportunity and the exposure, and I can't wait to see what comes of not just the business and exposure as a result of this talk but future talks and events as well."

Gaurav Duggal
Partner, Reach Nexus

"The Workplace Speaker Network has presented opportunities beyond my imaging."

"By working to further the goals of others in the network, I have discovered how to better align my talents with my own business to the point of redefining how I spend my time and promote my wine. The WSN is an endless source of inspiration."

Tonya Lailey, Lailey Wines 

"The speakers from WSN have been excellent and have been very positively received"

"The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce has worked with Denise from the Workplace Speaker Network (WSN) to find resources for our Chamber Networking Luncheons and our Better Business Breakfast Series.  Denise is very responsive and has an excellent range of professional speakers from which to draw. The speakers from WSN have been excellent and have been very positively received by the business members in attendance at these events.  I would not hesitate to contact Denise if you are looking for a business speaker for your event."

Marie Lauer
Events Coordinator, Airdrie Chamber of Commerce 

"I knew that Denise had really hit the nail on the head..."

“The first time I heard about the Workplace Speaker Network (WSN), I knew that Denise had really hit the nail on the head.  I cannot begin to imagine how much time and effort companies spend trying to find the perfect trainer/facilitator to meet their workplace training needs. I also know quite well that it is time consuming, and often frustrating for individuals providing these services to break through the corporate walls and connect with the decision makers. WSN breaks these barriers by creating a perfect dance floor where these transactions can easily take place. Whether you are a small or large business, government department, HR professional, trainer, non-profit organization,  or an individual interested in on-going professional development, there is something for you at the WSN. This is the reason why I think WSN has been growing, and continues to grow at a remarkable pace.”

Nicholas Mangozho, Contract Services Coordinator/Alberta Human Services

"In an hour with Denise over coffee,

"I discovered windows and doors that I didn’t know existed!  Her insight and experience helped me think outside the box; she provided me with valuable strategic advice on how to grow through connections and partnerships.  She has a great load of positive energy and it is contagious!  Denise, you are helping create awareness, connectedness, shared wisdom, and a better place for all, and we thank you for that!"

Ghada Alatrash
Calgary, Canada

"Denise has an unique way of providing the language, insight and simplicity to marketing."

"I gained more in 2 hours I have ever gained in any other marketing sessions that took weeks. She provided practical tips that I implemented with ease immediately. The Big Plus... she gets me and validated my style which freed me from being stuck to championing my passion – Families."

Mona Cooley CEO/Founder
of Cool Family Solutions
Calgary, AB

"WSN Means Business"

"Just a quick note to thank Denise and WSN for the great job they are doing. I recently completed a strategic planning assignment for a small community-based not-for-profit agency, which came about because of a referral from Denise and WSN. It was an interesting and engaging job, with a group that is doing some really great things in their community. I was fortunate to work with a dynamic and experienced executive director and a very dedicated board of directors to clarify the organization’s strategies and priorities, and translate them to concrete actions for the coming year. I’m happy, they’re happy, and I have every reason to believe that lives will be changed as a result of the work. That’s as close to a “perfect” assignment as you can get in this business, all because of a chance meeting with Denise last year, and a leap of faith to join this merry band (Workplace Speaker Network).

From a strictly business/financial perspective, this was a small job – but it will still pay for my membership in WSN and monthly fees for a long time - years, in fact. Add in the intangibles – a great network of really talented people, great learning and growth events, and the chance to showcase ourselves to an increasingly large base of corporate clients – and you have an incredible ROI, making WSN about the best deal going for folks like us. So again: thank you to Denise and the network for all the great work. Looking forward to continuing the relationship for a long, long time."

Jeff Griffiths
Certified Management Consultant
Calgary, AB
(403) 374-1950

"I am grateful for investing in a WSN membership as it has enhanced my business in ways that were unanticipated."

"I have been blessed with meeting and connecting with fascinating new people I might never had met otherwise, resulting in the creation of new business relationships and meaningful friendships . Thanks to the exposure on the WSN website and networking functions, I had the good fortune of being selected as a speaker on multiple occasions, which has nourished my commitment to continue to share my message. As someone who consistently practices the concept of win/win, I am delighted to be involved in an association whose values and integrity are parallel to my own."

Debra Wallace

"As a member of the WSN I have enjoyed every meeting and benefited from the wisdom provided by other members."

"As a result of my membership I have been booked for a speaking engagement in October and I am in the process of starting a new company to utilize the talents of a member who I met at WSN. If you are a speaker or an organization looking for talent then membership in WSN is a MUST."

David Bradley
David Bradley Consulting

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