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Why Use WSN? 

Do you know where the leaks are in your business system?

WSN Methodology: Understanding People Power and Potential in Your Organization

Do you hear red flag language at your workplace?   If yes talk to us. 

Red Flag Language: 

  • Turnover rates increasing? 
  • Employees disengaged? 
  • Questioning how to build trust after change happens?  
  • Not sure how to manage multigenerational communication? 
  • Too many people on sick leave? 
  • Questions about how to support our our multicultural community? 
  • Conflict in teams or between managers and employees?  
  • Increased injuries at work?  
  • People leaving under 3 years?  
  • Fear about effective knowledge transfer?  
  • Increasing shortage of talent? 
  • Losing talent to other companies?  
  • Not getting innovative ideas from teams?  
  • Worried about shifting workplace culture? 
  • Managing buzz on social media? 
  • Need to find resources to match gaps in knowledge? 
  • Not sure if training is effective or bringing an ROI? 
  • Experiencing a skills shortage? 
  • No time to plan training as other activities take precedence?  
  • Not sure where to find quality training resources?
  • Concern about how to manage mental health and stress at the workplace?  


WSN Methodology: Understanding People Power and Potential in Your Organization 

1) Evaluate Needs / Human Capital

The need to attract, engage, inspire, and retain quality talent is critical to your organizational success. Reviewing your approach, identifying gaps, and discover where you need to be investing (measure human capital ROI) is the first place to start. 

Request a review!  

Once we identify what gaps exist,  we can match you with the experts / resources you need to address your challenges. 

2) Get Planning Done 

WSN is the extra hands you need to get the planning stage done. 

Building your foundation for long term success.  Give us your dates and needs and we set up the training plan/ resources for you to preview. 

A range of options to get planning done.

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3) Access to Current Workplace Resources 24/7 

WSN has a growing online portal of resources which we call the BEST OF THE BEST in workplace learning and training. 

Need to find out who are the leading edge speakers/ trainers/ coaches / consultants or suppliers? 

We can help you find the resources you need to run quality cost effective learning programs from start to finish. 

We are building a stakeholder community that can help you get answers from a collaborative marketplace. 

We host live collaborative events (currently only available in Calgary location) to address key issues workplaces need answers to!

Our stakeholder community includes: 

  • Corporate and Nonprofit Organizations; 
  • HR leaders who manage workplace PD/training/events and develop solutions in the areas of employee engagement, retention and corporate culture; occupational health and safety leaders who manage workplace wellness and address benefits costs; 
  • managers and administrative professionals who have budget for workplace training; 
  • executive teams who plan the future expansion of their organizations; 
  • associations who plan events and conferences; 
  • speakers/experts/small business owners who serve the workplace with training or educational support; 
  • businesses who provide services and support to this dynamic community. 

Contact us to find out more

4) Meeting/ Event Planning 

Planning a national sales meeting, conference or event? We can help you find resources to get it done.  Event Planning


Contact WSN to discover what your next step needs to be! 

Our Collaborative Community is Growing!

Associations we are involved with or connecting with to expand our voice:

HR Institute of Alberta, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Calgary Executive Association, International Executive Association, Airdrie Chamber of Commerce,  Calgary Public Library, Economic Developers of Canada, Meetings and Conventions Calgary, Calgary Women in Energy, and Calgary Association of Office Service Professionals, and Talent Pool.  

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What Matters Today

Training is Consistent

We want to make it easy to get training in place consistently so you can focus on key areas of growth for your company.

Training is Measured 

Knowing that training is aligned to employee needs and business goals is key.

Leaks or Gaps are Identified

Leaks or gaps in your system is costly. Book a meeting to review your specific needs today.

Health Costs are Controlled

Health/ Wellness Systems and Education can reduce costs and improve the health of your organization. 

Staying Current

Stay ahead of the game by staying connected. We are the “go to” community related to workplace trends. 

Did you Know...

Articles on trends in workplace and investing in human capital (aka your employees)

WSN: "Our power is in streamlining access to quality workplace resources and building collaborative partnerships to serve the needs of our workplace stakeholder community."         -Denise Baril, Founder of WSN 


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