The #1 Threat to Your Organization: A Silo Mentality

My philosophy of connect, communicate, and collaborate lives within me. I get the value and experience it's power but sometimes have a hard time selling why it is the way we need to be solve challenges we face.  I realized that people are comfortable in their silo's. Traditional organizations are structured in a department model which breeds a culture of barriers to growth. It breeds leadership that holds back opportunity and innovative thinking with comments like, " this is the way we have always done it" , " legal department wouldn't approve" ,  " we don't work with that department".  This operational mentality creates a culture of people aspiring to meet own needs and goals and not seeing beyond the walls of mediocrity. I wonder if Bob Geldorf felt that way when he set out to change the impact AIDS had on our world.  I wonder what his mind was thinking about: It is too big a task to make a difference or I wonder what could be possible if we bring key influencers together to address change. Was he thinking from a silos reality or from an open source (bringing stakeholders together to create change) mindset? Was his change making idea about "we are the musicians"  or " we are the world" ?

Nothing Great Happens in Silos

If we believe that silo's are like living in a solitary confinement mind set, it is time to shift how we operate and think about making an impact. Living in the business world I am challenging the way systems are working and threatening the comfort of organizations.  I am having to help people see beyond the walls of organizational charts to see the people, power, and potential if they are open to living a new way and be leading edge. 

Collaboration is a Must! 

If anything is to change it must be a movement to placing a value on collaboration and belief in a higher level of thinking in organizations beyond a cost/ benefit anaylsis. The human element in the equation needs to be incorporated and dissected as part of the ROI. The social impact impact ( age of the internet) is saying, " Wake up business community and listen to people more carefully".  Is your organization aware of this new influential power source? Change is inevitable. How you prepare and respond will make or break your future.  People are the gold in organizations and must be invested in strategically to sustain the new wave of opportunity. 

Act Now of Lose Momentum 

It's time to question your reality: Is the silo mindset alive in your organization or are you positioned to leverage an interconnected "people centred" think tank to adapt to future demands?  Organizations are leaking cash flow all over the human capital side of business. They are not seeing the tie between investing effectively in people and their profit potential. Both aspects need to be embraced simultaneously. Have you evaluated where you leaks exist? Do you know internally what practices or operational functions are helping or harming your organization? 

The sooner you move from a silo mentality to a open sourced mind set the faster the turn around you will experience in your organization.  It may not be easy to react today until you ask yourself the most important question, "What are the organizational consequences of doing nothing?"   

About Denise Baril

A change leader who helps organizations assess internal systems gaps and connects them to a world of resources to make things happen.  To comment, or connect with Denise:


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