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Speaker FAQ’s

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Define what a Speaker Member is? 
A speaker member could be:

  • a professional speaker
  • a consultant who provides services to the business community
  • a wellness practitioner who is interested in providing education in the workplace
  • a coach or leaning professional
  • a business owner who wishes to reach a corporate or non-profit workplace with education

This group is made up of individuals who provide the workplace with learning options for:  professional development, business training, lunch and learns, health fairs, speakers for conferences, keynotes, etc.

How can WSN help me as a speaker get noticed?

Our goal in the network is to provide a marketing platform to help speakers gain exposure to the corporate and non-profit companies who hire speakers in the workplace.  Currently, workplace leaders who are looking for experts to bring into the workplace must Google many key words and still may not come across your profile even if you are in their backyard.  WSN is designed to bring all speakers under one site to help those who are looking have a directory of resources to make connecting easy. 

WSN also creates opportunities for you to showcase your expertise via your own profile page listing all your key information and links back to your website.  You can also take centre stage at one of our “Speed Talk Luncheons’.  WSN also offers social tools to help you build a presence with all members in workplace learning community. 

In addition to this marketing platform, WSN believes that on going learning must also be provided to help our members grow their businesses.  Therefore we offer a free monthly workshop on a variety of business topics to help you grow your reach.  We also have a team of service providers who offer WSN member’s key services andperks to help them get a fast start in the network.  WSN is designed to create opportunities to help our members: connect, communicate, and collaborate.  Winning is easy when we do it together!

Does WSN Take a Booking Fee From Speaker Members?

No. Speaker members register and pay a non-refundable registration fee of $499.00 + GST and a monthly fee of $20.00 to maintain their profile page.  Any business through WSN site is 100% ownership of the speaker member.

I am already a member of another speaker association. Why would I join?

There are some amazing networks that exist to help speakers learn how to become better at their speaking abilities.  WSN see’s huge value in these associations and is open to partnering with them to grow their memberships if a need exists. 

What is different about WSN membership is that it is a network that brings all stakeholders in workplace learning together to: connect, communicate and collaborate.  It is also different in that it brings together speakers along a continuum of expertise and fee structure to match the learning needs of workplaces.  Currently there are pockets of speakers within multiple networks and many speakers who are not members of these pocket sites.  Stakeholders, who search for speakers, are frustrated with the time it takes to find resources.  They also are challenges withstaying in touch with new and trending topics.  WSN is designed to reach out and help make communicating between stakeholders easy and affordable. 

WSN also provides an advertising forum for associations and the business community who wish to get noticed. Advertising options range from site or newsletter ads, to sponsorship of events hosted by the network.

If I join and wish to cancel my membership, what is the process?

If you are not satisfied with your membership, at any time you can simply notify us and we will remove your presence in the network and stop processing your fee.  A two-week delay may occur with respect to processing your account. 

What topics will you cover in the business training workshops for Speakers? Topics may include:

  • Leveraging technology and social media
  • How to set up a webinar
  • How to use two-way skyping to expand your reach
  • Mobile marketing
  • Branding your message
  • How to leverage social media
  • Building your business via e-marketing
  • Keys to building an effective Website today
  • How to create an effective video to promote your business.
  • Business planning and training
  • Power networking
  • Editing and writing for effective communication
  • Tax Strategies and financial planning for small business
  • Legal questions and creating contracts in business.
  • and so much more.

Who could I refer to WSN?

We welcome any referrals from stakeholders in the area of workplace learning.  Our stakeholder’s community is made up of:

  • Speakers
  • Event Planners
  • HR and other professional associations
  • Occupational Health Nurses who mange wellness programming
  • Corporations
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • Businesses who serve this niche marketplace.

HR service providers, IT/ software companies, benefits/ health and wellness related companies, hotels, caterers, florists, chocolate companies, rental supply companies, printing companies, courier services, insurance providers, restaurants, travel companies, airlines, office supply companies, etc.  

If you have a contact you think we need to meet let us know! 
Send inquiries to: denise@workplacespeakernetwork.com

How will I benefit from sharing WSN with my network?

As new members join, WSN has a box that lets us know how the referral came to the network.  We will be tracking these referrals and thanking members who refer others to the network.  We will also have quarterly draws for prizes based on the referring partners who help us grow our reach.  

Note: If you are part of a business or network association and would like to explore a referral partnership with your network contact us.

Is this only for speakers and workplaces in Canada?

WSN is open to receiving members from all across the world.  We are launching our first office site in Calgary, AB Canada Jan 2012.  Members can join and access our directory from anywhere in the world.  As we grow we plan to build branch partners in every city that values workplace learning.  Localized supports such as: monthly business training, and special luncheon events are currently only available in Calgary at this time.  As we build local branches we will list them on our site.

How can I become a Branch Partner?

Visit our opportunities tab and click on Branch Partners page to learn more.

If I am not sure about joining, how can I stay connected to the network?

We welcome everyone to connect with us by signing up for our free newsletter.  It will keep you informed about events, articles, and the profiles of speakers and new members in the network.

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Can I volunteer in the network?

As we expand the network, we will have opportunities to welcome volunteers to support our workplace learning community.  If you wish to help out in some way let us know: denise@workplacespeakernetwork.com

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